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mumsnet is suffering summer madness and im out till the winter :)

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sunshinelifeisgood Sat 06-Aug-11 01:49:58

AIBU to block/not post/ delete account till Ocotber...

Dont get me wrong I have posted a couple of things and had some excellent advice and mumsnet members picked me up when I felt shite. Tonight It is just fecking madness every thread I read has gone bloody mad.

AgentZigzag Sat 06-Aug-11 02:15:03

So you think posting a thread about it on AIBU will make you feel better? grin

It shouldn't be getting to you because it's 'only' an internet forum (although I don't believe it's all just words on a screen), if it is that's the time to take a break IMO.

Any reason for going until October?

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