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to say I had a crap day and may have responded badly to posts

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sunshinelifeisgood Sun 24-Jul-11 00:21:42

Ok, I had a crap day and I must admit hearing that Amy Whitehouse had died did affect me. To hear people slagging her of on the very day she has died is bang out of order and I have said so. How the feck do you think her parents are feeling right now and maybe you should all forget the "oh yeah but she is a druggie, alco, what did you expect, blah blah. If this was your child now you would be sobbing and crying, just like her mother and father are. Show some fecking compassion please......

AgentZigzag Sun 24-Jul-11 00:25:38

If you've had a crap day you ought to go easy on yourself, starting an AIBU thread might not make it go any better.

Why has it been such a crap day? (apart from what you've said in the OP)

sunshinelifeisgood Sun 24-Jul-11 00:29:50

Agent: had to sit with one of my friends that has had to re mortgage her house for £150k for a son that has basically fecked up big time and is really struggling. He is a ex (been clean five years) addict and turned his life around supposedly!!! and i have had to help clear up the mess. So when I was reading the posts about AW and the almost slagging of she was getting it made me sad.

greenbananas Sun 24-Jul-11 00:32:24

Sorry to hear you've had a crap day.

I haven't read any of your other posts, (or indeed any of the many threads about Amy Winehouse).

I'm sorry to hear that she died, bless her. I do feel for her parents and anyone that knew her. She may have been a drug/alcohol addict but who are we to judge? She had an amazing talent, and she was also someone's daughter...

sunshine, please go easy on yourself.

debivamp Sun 24-Jul-11 00:33:06

Dont be so hard on yourself. Some of the posts have been harsh to say the least. Totally agree regarding her parents - to have to bury a child is awful - no matter the reason or course of that childs death. She will always be their baby girl.

AgentZigzag Sun 24-Jul-11 00:40:12

It's just people saying how they see things sunshine, you have to let a lot of it wash over you.

And some peoples posting style can be prickly to say the least.

sunshinelifeisgood Sun 24-Jul-11 00:40:56

green: debivamp: thank you, although i should not have made a few harsh comments it did get to me and to bury a child however they have lived thier life is hard for any parent. Especially for one in the spotlight as she was. I think this may turn out to be a Diana thread, although maybe I am wrong. Actually I probably am smile. My way of thinking is that in the day she has passed we could all be a little more compassionate and let the slating begin in a couple of days.
For me personally I shall hide the threads.

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