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To think its time this got sorted out...

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Vix1980 Thu 21-Jul-11 12:26:33

We have been having work done to our house since last November (a total gutting really), anyone we had a friend of a friend do some electric work, on the second day 4 bedroom walls fell down as its an old house, he offered to help us save money be helping out and fixing them, this led to something else going wrong which he also helped fix, he did a lot for us which we will never forget and at the end of the first fix (around march) we asked him to let us know what we owed him so we could pay him up to that date at least (he knew we were struggling, but he was himself with 3 kids to feed). He refused and said he wouldn't take a penny until we moved in, my partner literally had to go and put money through his door so we felt we had given him something towards the overall cost at least.

Fast forward a few months to may we hadn't heard off him for a while but we knew he had split up with his wife and tried to get in contact to offer support, nothing to do with the house that could wait as far as we were concerned, we left messages asking him to let us know if he was alright as he had become a close good friend, Cue the friend who introduced us who now starts blaming us for the break up of the marriage as "we" kept him there in the house constantly... we haven't heard from the electrician now since the first bank holiday in may.. we left it so long as he was going through a rough time, we still had other work to be getting on with so didn't see the need for rushing him, Now though he wont answer any texts, we don't know where he is as we only knew his marital home and i don't think it would be good to turn up asking his ex if she knows where hes gone.But we do know he is still working for other people so its not like hes off all depressed somewhere. We have even had other quotes from electricians to finish the work but the one who would do it (most wont touch another electricians work as they don't know what they've done exactly, so wont take blame for anything going wrong) quoted us something ridiculous. Apart from the work not being finished, my partner is gutted that he has lost a friend who was really good to us. I just think hes obviously blaming us for something but is being a bit childish about it and ignoring us completely wont resolve anything. We still owe him money you'd think he would get in contact if only for that but nothing, just haven't a clue what to do now...

natandjacob Thu 21-Jul-11 14:03:00

sorry i dont have any advice with regards to getting the house fixed but it doesnt sound as if you have done anything wrong. he offered to help and you took him up on it, thats his problem. hope you get sorted with your house soon though xx

BettySwollocksandaCrustyRack Thu 21-Jul-11 14:41:59

Well, if his marriage has just broken down he probably has other stuff on his mind rather than your electrics/friendship etc.

Re other electricians being expensive - well they are!! Your guy obv gave you very good "mates rates", the others are probably quoting current prices.

Think you are just going to have to use another electrician!

lesley33 Thu 21-Jul-11 14:49:10

I don't think you did anything wrong. I don't think you can expect him to do any more work though. He may not be replying to you as he may fear that all you want is the work completed at mates rates - which he probably can't afford to do now with the split.

I would text him saying something like I know you probably can't do any more work on our house - thats fine. But we do still owe you money, so please get in touch so we can give it to you. And it would be good to just catch up.

Electrical work is expensive I'm afraid. Just one of those things. If you do meet up with him would be worth offering him the work at the going rate rather than rates mates?

Groovee Thu 21-Jul-11 14:56:39

Any work being done by a qualified tradesman will be expensive. You'll just have to accept that it is part and parcel of doing up houses.

Vix1980 Fri 22-Jul-11 11:33:13

Yeah i get that, im just frustrated as i said before that up until the breakdown of his marriage as we thought ( i found out last night he got back with her quite a while ago), so i can accept that hes probably just got bored of helping us and doesnt want to do anymore, but why not say it to us, i know its hard but were not monsters, I just feel like weve lost a really good mate over something that hasnt actually happened and seems to be all in his head if you understand.

And to not even get in touch about the money we owe him, I think weve given him enough space and enough chances to come round and talk to us us a simple text would of done, so yeah we will be looking at other people to do the work.

Although he was a mate we didnt actually get it a lot cheaper, in fact some of the quotes we had were cheaper but as we knew his work and the standard he produces we went with him, im glad we did cos hes done a really good job, but again its more the mate thing were gutted over, especially as we have friends in common. Thanks anyway though!

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