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To Want My Baby's Diarrhoea To Just Stop!

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TeaMakesItBetter Thu 21-Jul-11 05:10:07

I know I know not really an AIBU but it's 5 am and at wits end
Its been seven days now, we've been visiting my parents since the weekend and every time it seems to get better it just keeps on coming. And now tonight he won't sleep anywhere but on me. I don't think the cot bed or being in the same room as me are helping the bad sleeping, he's normally a very good sleeper, even when poorly.

Any practical tips? We've been to the doctors and spoken to nhs direct who say 7-10 days is normal, today is day 8.

Sorry for any typos, on phone with baby finally sleeping on my chest, cannot get him to settle back in cot after 4 am poo leakage, he'd only been in there half an hour after sleeping on me since 1 am. Think this is the worst night since he was tiny :-( poor baby.

Romilly70 Thu 21-Jul-11 06:29:53

DS had D&V 3 weeks ago, it did seem to last about 10 days - it is dreadful and you have my sympathies.

In terms of practical tips, could you warm his bed with a hotwater bottle (take it out before he gets in) and then put your nightie in there for him to lie on so he smells you.

(to be honest though, when DS was ill, i just kept him in bed with me and tried to catch up with a bit of sleep later in the day. perhaps your parents would look after him for an hour or 2 later in the day, so you could have a quick nap)

Sorry not to be more helpful, but it sounds like you are near the end...

Seona1973 Thu 21-Jul-11 08:34:38

what milk is he on (breast or formula?). He could have a temporary lactose intolerance caused by the bug and if he is formula fed you could try a lactose free one to see if it helps (or use colief in his existing milk). What age is he?

thederkinsdame Thu 21-Jul-11 08:51:55

How old is he? If he is really small, I'd be tempted to pop to the drs just to make sure he's not getting dehydrated, which he could be if formula fed. Personally, if he is formula fed, I wouldn't change his milk as it might not be the right thing to do. Get some more medical advice to put your mind at rest. Hope he's better soon.

Loonytoonie Thu 21-Jul-11 09:48:31

All this would depend on how old he is, but I read in a baby magazine years ago, that babies who are dehydrated from sickness and/or diarrhoea can be tried with tiny sip of coke. I was definitely a bit hmm at first - I think the stuff is foul, but I've tried it and it works. A GP friend of mine recommends it to patients too.

Basically, coke (the branded stuff) has a good balance of sodium and sugars to replenish those lost through being ill, and it also has another ingredient which is excellent for settling sore tummies. People with colostomy's and ileostomy's are also told to drink the stuff to help them.

It's really important to shake ALL the gas out of it though - MUST be given really flat. I've tried it with all my children when necessary, and it works. Don't think you can try it on a new baby though..... sorry.

What about lying him on a luke warm water bottle on your legs and massaging him a little? may help ease his tummy pain?

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