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Totally petty minor issue but...

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VanillaRooibos Fri 15-Jul-11 23:21:56

Okay so hope I don't bore the pants off anyone, but just feeling irritated by incidence at my bank.

Briefly - went to my branch to open an account for DD (1 today!). Asks for 1 form of ID; passport, child benefit letter, birth certificate etc. I left DD with DH as he was home early and easier to do these things alone. Went to back.
The lady at bank said, 'Sorry I can't accept passport as valid ID because your daughter is not here and I need to certify on the photocopy, 'this a true likeness..etc'

ME: ' But this photo was taken when my DD was 3 weeks old, she is asleep, she doesn't look anything like the photo, it could be any baby'

LADY: 'Sorry it's in the procedures and policies or whatever'.

ME: 'But if I'd brought only birth certificate then that would be acceptable'

LADY: 'Yes'

ME: 'But to get the passport I had to show the birth certificate'

Anyway this goes on, I can be a bit bloody minded at the best of times and actually was thinking this was a bit ridiculous. I mean the gist of it was that I could have produced any vaguely 'baby' type looking human being in off the street and that would be ok and she would have been happy to certify it as 'a true likeness'. BUT MY DD LOOKS NOTHING LIKE PASSPORT PHOTO and yet the lady at bank would have been happy to say there was a likeness.

Then they got on the phone to the customer services etc etc, they then said 'well it's up to the discretion of the bank' so basically they could do it, nothing to do with policies and procedures.
The lady refused saying that she just 'couldn't do it', as if she would be breaking some deeply held moral belief, then the manageress came and said no we just can't do it. And I said again, so if I bring any baby in and say it's my DD then you'd be able to certify the passport copy, and she said, 'we'd have to'....I don't know it just seems so silly to me.
A birth certificate on it's own is ok but with passport you must produce baby...I don't get it.

Anyway...right well sorry for such a boring post on such a minor annoyance. I know I was BU I guess, I was being a bit argumentative and annoyed at the pen-pushiness of it all.

ToothbrushThief Fri 15-Jul-11 23:23:49

The world has gone mad I tell ye

I would have been just as annoyed btw

hester Fri 15-Jul-11 23:24:23

You let it all out, love grin

Seriously, how absolutely ridiculous. You must have been steaming.

TidyDancer Fri 15-Jul-11 23:25:36

Seriously?! YANBU at all! What an odd policy. Perhaps someone who works in a bank will come along and explain it to us so we will understand, but right now, I'm totally with you on this!

Btw, I would borrow a friend's baby and go back to the bank next week. Don't tell them it's not your baby, just do it for personal satisfaction! grin

PetronusOfSteel Fri 15-Jul-11 23:27:16

YANBU, this is pettiness at the most extreme end. I hope you'll take your business to a different bank.

VanillaRooibos Fri 15-Jul-11 23:30:29

Thank you for allowing me to 'let it all out'...
You know one of those things that happen in your day which you know is utterly minor and very petty and you're bit annoyed with yourself that you're letting yourself STILL be annoyed at 11.30 at night to the extent that you are posting on Mumsnet about it, well it's like that...

TidyDancer you know I might just do that!

But really DD's passport photo is like just this scrunchy, crumpled, new born face asleep......with no hair. I do wonder at passport control because it could literally be any baby in the world

iscream Sat 16-Jul-11 06:49:20

YANBU at all. That is craziness!

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