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Is professional SPORT just selfishness with rules?

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GabbyLoggon Sat 02-Jul-11 10:16:11

It was put to me here the other day. I thought it was very apt. But I do follow some sport Footie , cricket, tennis a bit

GabbyLoggon Sat 02-Jul-11 10:17:26

Incidentally someone left me a note saying G.L drives a red sports car round Kew. Is this true

Sirzy Sat 02-Jul-11 10:35:01

I would say it was anything but. If it's a team sport it is all about team work and in my expeirience watching rugby selfishness will get you no where!

GabbyLoggon Sat 02-Jul-11 10:38:40

yes, but the people who are bril are very self centred. Boycott Botham Beckham....Boycott got 240 and got himself dropped . Best, off course. They are all Bs

Scholes34 Sat 02-Jul-11 13:57:36

Golf and tennis are a bit selfish.

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