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yuk. really

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knittedbreast Wed 29-Jun-11 10:41:06

at school today i saw a mother change her daughters nappy, she wiped babies bum and then used the same wipe to clean her little ones nose and mouth.

urgh. shiver

mumoffourgirls Wed 29-Jun-11 10:42:25


itisnearlysummer Wed 29-Jun-11 10:43:43

DH and I saw (don't ask me why or how....) a programme with Scary Spice several years ago where she did the same thing.

DH kept reminding me of it when DD was a baby.

knittedbreast Wed 29-Jun-11 10:44:57

i didnt know people did this. if you are going to use the same wipe do the mouth and nose first...

still shivering

BooyHoo Wed 29-Jun-11 10:47:49

eugh!! yuck yuck yuck!!

when ds1 was born, i remember almost having a hear attack when i saw EXP changing his nappy for the first time and doing exactly this!! he then wiped his hands with the wipe whislt asking me what i was hyper ventilating about!! he never made the same mistake again i can tell you!! just boke!!

BooyHoo Wed 29-Jun-11 10:48:40

wiped his own hands in order to 'wash' them i mean. not the baby's hands.

Rockerchic Wed 29-Jun-11 10:49:08

That's all you have to shiver about, I've seen lots worse and no I wouldn't come on AIBU to tell all.
Maybe it would be better in chat!

jbcbj Wed 29-Jun-11 10:51:44

i saw someone the other day wipe the floor where her baby had dribbled and then use the same wipe on the baby's face....

ah well, all builds the immune system....<shrug>

knittedbreast Wed 29-Jun-11 10:53:49

ok rockerchic, you dont have to answer if you dont agree with my post.

and its not all i have to shiver about thank you.

tazmin Wed 29-Jun-11 10:54:23

wow, and the baby is still alive

knittedbreast Wed 29-Jun-11 10:55:09

she was when i left lol

BooyHoo Wed 29-Jun-11 10:55:40

what's with people being arsey? why shouldn't she post on AIBU? is it reserved for high priority posts or something?

tinsofmince Wed 29-Jun-11 10:57:18

It is pretty rank TBH.

tinsofmince Wed 29-Jun-11 10:57:55

lose the LOL though. I am in disguise at the moment and today I will become the LOL avenging angel. That makes me shudder.

Rockerchic Wed 29-Jun-11 11:00:13

No it's not reserved for high end debates but the fact that MN towers have moved the options from the talk bar because of this shows that enough people have complained of late at the topics in AIBU.

SuePurblybilt Wed 29-Jun-11 11:00:54

Can we have spcial badges for everyone who does AIBU Top Trumps with 'is that all you've got to worry about?' posts?

It is manky OP. Back in the day <misty eyed> my Pony Club manual was very clear on the order of wiping and the importance of different sponges. If it's good enough for horse's arses, it should be good enough for babies grin. Who wouldn't know enough to not wipe eyes with bum cloths?

knittedbreast Wed 29-Jun-11 11:03:38

i think rockerchic should become a mod, then we would all know our place. cant have a post here when it could be so easily here

i wasnt being nasty rocker

why ae you in disguise as a tin of mince? is it real mince or quorn?

SarahStratton Wed 29-Jun-11 11:03:45

Chat option has gone from the talk bar too. Does that mean people have been complaining about that as well? hmm

<blasts theory out of water>

BooyHoo Wed 29-Jun-11 11:06:14

knitted just to satisfy rocker would you consider changing your title to include the question AIBU to think this is yuk just to make sure you are ticking all the relevant AIBU criteria boxes?


my break wasn't nearly long enough.

knittedbreast Wed 29-Jun-11 11:08:30

yes, how do i do that?

tinsofmince Wed 29-Jun-11 11:10:11

knitted my name change is for a secret but altruistic reason wink.
I am going to keep it for today and be the LOL avenger. I am not generally rude or controversial I don't think.

BooyHoo Wed 29-Jun-11 11:11:40

umm, not sure, i have never done it. i was being a bit tongue in cheek really blush grin

VelvetSnow Wed 29-Jun-11 11:12:54

tis rather odd and disgusting perhaps they were running low on wet wipes, so close to pay day, and therefore rationing the use of wipes?

However, I was once told that wiping a wet nappy on a childs face is good for the skin, wtf? Did anyone ever do that??? Disclaimer: I certainly did not.

Rockerchic Wed 29-Jun-11 11:21:20

I know you wasn't being nasty and post where you want just having a shite day and I took it out on you. Sorry

M0naLisa Wed 29-Jun-11 11:24:43

I know someone who wiped his daughters running GREEN SNOTTY nose with his fingers/hand and then wiped it all over his trouser leg

Urgh still boak when I think about it.

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