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to use the word cunt to describe those fuckers at

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whoneedssleepanyway Wed 22-Jun-11 07:17:16

who sold DH fake Take That tickets that he gave me for Christmas....

so cross, have never used the C-word before but think it is wholly appropriate...

he booked on visa so we may get the money back but there are loads of people who didn't and spent loads more than we did angry

youarekidding Wed 22-Jun-11 07:21:17

YANBU. Sorry to hear about the fake tickets especially as you've had to wait months for something that won't happen. Getting your money bcak isn't really the issue is it?

Yep I agree cunt has it's uses.

I'll never forget the day I announced to a close group of friends I had 'officially promoted ex-p to a cunt'. grin

They knew then just how mad I was as its a word I don't use often.

whoneedssleepanyway Wed 22-Jun-11 07:23:44

no not about the money youarekidding..

when we couldn't get through on the phone line for the last couple of days we googled the site, and realised it was a sham, apparently the people behind it have been arrested but so mad, and poor DH feels like he as been taken for a complete fool

youarekidding Wed 22-Jun-11 07:28:19

Its shit. It does annoy when people think getting your money back solves an issue. Of course it doesn't - if it was about lack of money then the tickets wouldn't have been bought.

I HATE these scam sites, they really upset people personally (and make them want to use the c-word wink).

sad for your DH. Thats such a lovely thing he did and he shouldn't feel like a fool. He should be proud he thought of a nice pressie and boast to his mates who bought flowers from the garage xmas eve. grin

Is there anyway to get tickets from elsewhere?

Groovee Wed 22-Jun-11 07:28:27

:-( That's awful and people like that deserve everything flung at them. So sorry you'll miss out.

whoneedssleepanyway Wed 22-Jun-11 07:31:27

been having a look haven't found any yet, my lovely lovely friend is going with her mum and two sisters and has said she doesn't think her mum is that bothered so is going to ask her if I can have her ticket, I was really embarrassed and told her not to but she has insisted so I may still be able to go, but did stress if her mum is looking forward to it she should still go with her.

hopefully the guy is having a fairly unpleasant time in prison.

pantspantspants Wed 22-Jun-11 08:09:48

Try SEE tickets, Its an official take that ticket site that I got my tickets from originally but, when I went on there a few weeks ago they had quite a few tickets returned to be resold on there.

wheresmywaist Wed 22-Jun-11 08:21:44

They are not that expensive on Ebay now. Hadn't heard of that scam, disgusting!! sad

keepingupwiththejoneses Wed 22-Jun-11 08:54:22

here not that expensive at all.

GeekCool Wed 22-Jun-11 08:57:58

Where are you trying to get tickets for? Ticketsoup (i think) have Production seat tickets for Glasgow. Damn sad If you had posted this last week and it was for Glasgow I could have got you tickets immediately as I knew of some going spare.
Can you post where you want to see them?

whoneedssleepanyway Wed 22-Jun-11 11:24:47

Thanks geek. can I be sure not to get done again on eBay...

GeekCool Wed 22-Jun-11 11:46:38

I don't know if they are still there, but it's on the official site...

GeekCool Wed 22-Jun-11 11:51:27

Also SeeTickets and GetMeIn have tickets available for Wembley too. Looking at GetMeIn, they don't pay the seller, until the tickets have been delivered and you will know they are real.

exaspomum Wed 22-Jun-11 11:56:54

How extremely annoying and disappointing for you. Even so - please don't use the 'c' word. Many people find it very offensive.

GeekCool Wed 22-Jun-11 12:09:01

Seriously exaspomum ? Are you not on the wrong site if you don't like to see the word?

scaredoflove Wed 22-Jun-11 12:13:41

That's what happens when you don't use the official sites. Annoying but the official ones were well publicised as far a I recall

Sparklegeek Wed 22-Jun-11 12:56:26

Try Tiicketmaster, Seetickets & Ticketline (all official) - they have all had tickets available over the past few days.

Andrewofgg Wed 22-Jun-11 19:50:16

In my workplace the c-word is often used - but only by women, men would not dare!

FabbyChic Wed 22-Jun-11 19:53:05

You may be out of time with your Visa they only have to cover you for 120 days, its way passed that.

AuntieMonica Wed 22-Jun-11 19:56:33

i think we need a special curse-word for bastards/cunts/wankstains who do this sort of thing

DS2 has been fucked over by fake ticket sites before - utter scum bags

hope you are covered, OP

am so angry for you

DitaVonCheese Wed 22-Jun-11 20:20:54

Keep an eye on also, it's a genuine site for people to sell unwanted tickets at face value only.

whoneedssleepanyway Wed 22-Jun-11 21:07:09

Thanks everyone, well we have a happy ending...!!!

DH is going to get his money back via Visa, just has to send the a letter off and it will take a while to process but he is covered AND

I have got tickets for the Weds at Wembley level 2 reserved seating from ticketmaster hooray!!!!!

So excited.

BT exaspomum I think the C word is offensive but for once I couldn't think of any other word to use!

CurlyBoy Wed 22-Jun-11 21:31:27

Enjoy! My wife saw them at Manchester and thought it was great!

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Wed 22-Jun-11 23:38:17

The OP's not out of time Fabby.

When it comes to tickets purchased using a credit card, protection starts from the date of the event or concert, plane, rail trip etc.

PainteditRed Thu 23-Jun-11 02:04:42

Seetickets seem to be releasing a few tickets every day, I suppose it is cancellations.

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