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TO POINT OUT that I watched the last Hayley Taylor

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GabbyLoggon Mon 13-Jun-11 09:39:32

Hayley Taylor has become a big name on the back of some mild bullying of the unemployed.. (Faiyrjobmother my backside)

I like the pose with the kneckerchief...Hayley is a sort of Doncaster Bette

Channel 4 are usually good on vulnerable people. (Dispatches has a good record) But I think the "JobMother" series is a bit tatty; and against the vulnerable

The areas she visits have a high level of unemployment over many years. (Liverpool ,Hartlepool etc)

Ms Taylor should read up on her history of working class areas.

A NationEL TV channel cAN , OF COURSE, PICK UP A FEW JOBS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO APPEAR ON THE PROGRAMMEBut that is not solving unemployment; its playing games.

Programme airs Tuesday 4 Tv

GabbyLoggon Mon 13-Jun-11 10:23:31

Just tell you a bit more Hayley came to prominence when she workd for a job finding company called A4E in Doncaster I believe. They got on a TV series. And Taylor became a sort of star. (Funny way to become a star)

Any of you had dealingss with was it?

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