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there's a recession on dontcha know

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MonstaMunch Wed 01-Jun-11 11:41:54

idiots on the radio saying they bid on £9000 worth of Olympic tickets!!!

didnt get any mind LOL

but nice to be able to afford to put that amount aside!

5318008 Wed 01-Jun-11 11:43:18

why are they idiots?

katvond Wed 01-Jun-11 11:43:34

You've posted it twice OP and yes I see your point

Greenstocking Wed 01-Jun-11 11:43:37

How very dare they spend their hard earned dosh on tickets for a once in a lifetime sporting event!

They should be smoking it or pissing it against the wall.

atswimtwolengths Wed 01-Jun-11 11:43:59

Maybe there's a recession for them and they would have bid on £18,000 previously!

wikolite Wed 01-Jun-11 11:44:47

Actually there isn't a recession on and the country has been out of recession for over a year.

katvond Wed 01-Jun-11 11:45:15

They probably can afford the tickets and hopefully won't be going in to debt to get them.

MonstaMunch Wed 01-Jun-11 11:46:22


worraliberty Wed 01-Jun-11 11:46:33

They'll sell them for double the price on Ebay grin

diabolo Wed 01-Jun-11 11:48:30

Surely people are free to spend their money on what they choose?

As long as they aren't spending the family shopping budget / mortgage money, then it's no different to buying a new car or having a once-in-a-lifetime holiday is it?

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