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To wonder why.......

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prettyfly1 Thu 13-Jan-11 11:36:57

we (as a nation I mean) arent talking more about helping Australia out, at least as soon as it is safe. I might be a bit ignorant so I apologise if I am, but is our queen not their sovereign too? I just read the most horrific story about a thirteen year old boy who died after begging a rescuer to save his little brother first and had a search to see if anything had been set up to help once the water recede at least - nothing??

jonicomelately Thu 13-Jan-11 11:41:07

I agree that we should help Australia in whatever way they need.
However, if you are comparing our response to places like Haiti and Pakistan I think it's important to bear in mind that those countries are less able to help themselves than Australia. On a basic, human level developing countries are in greater need when tragedies like this occur.

GandalfyCarawak Thu 13-Jan-11 11:42:12

I don't think it's anything to do with the Queen tbh, we should help anyone in any country that needs it, and I really appreciate that lots of people are helping out, financially and practically. It must be awful for them.

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 13-Jan-11 11:43:17

I was about to write what joni just did. We have relatives in Australia who have been affected so it is a bit worrying although had they been Haitian or Pakistani I would have been even more concerned. Developed nations are much more able to stop the spread of disease etc than a developing one.

ASecretLemonadeDrinker Thu 13-Jan-11 11:44:57

I think Australia is capable of helping themselves that's why, like we do after floods. I think if they needed/asked for help there is no question it would be given, but I am guessing they aren't needing it.

5inthebed Thu 13-Jan-11 11:52:47

I agree with ASLD.

And the Queen has made a private donation to Australia, it was on the news this morning.

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