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to think about day off?

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Ivette Thu 06-Jan-11 23:44:18

i am currently recovering from stomach flu, today nearly fainted in waitrose because I was so weak, Ive got uti and an ear infection. Im scheduled for work overtimes all day tomorrow, then sat and sun. it will be heavy lifting involved as it is delivery day and I want to go its just Im not sure I should in my condition? WWYD?

huddspur Thu 06-Jan-11 23:45:09

Wait until the morning but if you don't feel any better then don't go.

mutznutz Thu 06-Jan-11 23:46:48

Go and if you're ill tell them you need to go home.

aristomache Thu 06-Jan-11 23:49:08

day off

Ivette Thu 06-Jan-11 23:53:16

its been on like that for over a week now and Im not feeling my best tbh but I am worrying that if I wont go they wont offer me more OT. AIBU?

mutznutz Thu 06-Jan-11 23:56:35

You might be ok in the morning though. You managed to get to the supermarket which isn't easy when you're feeling ill (I would have shopped online lol) and just cos you took a bad turn, doesn't necessarily mean you will at work.

OT is always a touchy subject especially at this time of year and in the current financial climate...personally I would go in and let them send me home if I was still bad. That way it shows you made the effort and that you really couldn't physically do the OT you were offered.

Ivette Fri 07-Jan-11 07:52:41

hiya, Im not going, feel even worse than last night

onceamai Fri 07-Jan-11 08:09:01

Get to the doctors. If you have been ill for a week you should be able to get a sick note, even if you don't really need one it will prove you were actually ill.

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