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to ask a silly question related to christmas

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AuntiePickleBottom Mon 03-Jan-11 02:58:45

but why don't we eat turkey eggs.

ChairMoon Mon 03-Jan-11 03:02:32

I have no idea but maybe turkeys dont lay eggs as often as chickens?

Horopu Mon 03-Jan-11 03:12:07

A parent of one of my class shot a wild turkey on their farm. When they went to prepare it they found it was a female full of eggs. So everyone has omlettes for breakfast!
Sorry doesn't answer your question.

UnderTheRadar2212 Mon 03-Jan-11 03:12:09

Goodness, that's made me think.

I don't think I've ever seen a turkey egg for sale anywhere - or eaten one!

Duck eggs & the like yes but..............

Maybe they all have to be left to hatch out into turkeys so there are enough to go round by the time Xmas comes. he he! grin

altinkum Mon 03-Jan-11 03:17:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Aldercharm Mon 03-Jan-11 03:17:48

I've seen them for sale in farm shops.

HollyBollyBooBoo Mon 03-Jan-11 03:21:14

Found this on google...

"Most turkeys are raised for meat production, and they have been bred for large breasts. According to the veg soc website, the male turkeys now have such large breasts that it is impossible to breed turkeys naturally.

Also, most turkeys are slaughtered between 12 and 26 weeks of age. The experiments with breeding turkey eggs seemed to start with hens that were 31 weeks of age. So, they aren't old enough to lay any eggs."

UnderTheRadar2212 Mon 03-Jan-11 03:23:37

HollyBolly....... so that's why they only gobble then?

Sorry >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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