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Famous people with criminal records

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GabbyLoggon Thu 23-Dec-10 14:24:45

I sort of find them more believable than goody goodies.

Duncan Ballantine... .and Stephen Fry did time when young...over not too serious things.

Both have recovered and made fortunes.

southeastastra Thu 23-Dec-10 14:26:25

there's criminal records and doing time!

can't say i'm more impressed with people just cause they've been in prison :S

unless you count mick and keef i guess

GabbyLoggon Thu 23-Dec-10 14:32:07

Its about credibility

DontLetTinselDragOnTheFloor Thu 23-Dec-10 14:33:15

You can only be credible if you have been convicted of something??

AMumInScotland Thu 23-Dec-10 14:35:18

Do you extend the same opinion to people you know in real life, or is this just a prejudice against people you've never met who happen to have lived their lives without attracting the attention of the police and courts?

Saltatrix Thu 23-Dec-10 14:38:39

Because no one can just be a good person without being a criminal first right...wait that doesn't seem right...

southeastastra Thu 23-Dec-10 14:39:28

i just read stephen fry nicked a credit card and did time for that - he must have been a bit thick to do that imo

GabbyLoggon Thu 23-Dec-10 14:43:13

I am talking specifically about the famous.

who tend to plug the nice side of their life.

at a personal level I dont search out people with life long criminal records

I dont have convictions but I take a serious interest in the law

AMumInScotland Thu 23-Dec-10 14:50:02

Some of them could actually be nice - such people do exist you know, even when they are famous.

GabbyLoggon Thu 23-Dec-10 15:26:35


thats true enough, but at the top, it is competitive, tough cookies survive, you almost need to be one with the tabloids about.

No one calls Sugat sweety pie

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Thu 23-Dec-10 15:31:10

Gary Glitter
Jonathan King
Leslie Grantham
Chris Langham
Phil Spector

Gotta hand it to those loveable rogues.

SixtyFootDoll Thu 23-Dec-10 15:35:20

snort at Tondelayo

GabbyLoggon Thu 23-Dec-10 15:35:30

I was thinking of youthful criminality,rather than the people you are expert on Tonde

No one has mentioned Jeffrey A....

GabbyLoggon Thu 23-Dec-10 15:36:35

GRANTHAM.L is an interesting case. It did not stop him doing well

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Thu 23-Dec-10 15:42:09

My chair is in The Tropes of the Bay City Rollers NOT Gary Glitter Theory as well you know GL. grin

HecTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Thu 23-Dec-10 15:44:40

What is your AIBU?

Are you asking if it is unreasonable to be impressed by celebrities with criminal records or to think that they are more credible than those who have led a more lawful life?

Yes. It is. Very. Criminal behaviour is nothing to be impressed with or to admire.

That attitude is everything that is wrong with our society.

littleomar Thu 23-Dec-10 15:45:55

what did leslie g do?

didn't johnny vaughan once spend time at hm pleasure? (drug related)

slug Thu 23-Dec-10 15:47:16

Don't forget Cheryl Cole. Her conviction for assume does not seem to have held her career back.

slug Thu 23-Dec-10 15:47:48

ASSULT, not assume

sharbie Thu 23-Dec-10 15:48:38

lg - murder littleomar - nice.

mayorquimby Thu 23-Dec-10 15:49:32

it might still yet if her American work Visa gets held up

getabloodygrip Thu 23-Dec-10 16:06:03

Was going to add Cheryl, let the Americans scupper her, please, how does everyone call her the people's darling? She is a fright with clever PR, oh and also a pretty unpleasant conviction with suspicious motives behind it.

Numerous footballers, too many to list.. all still get paid squllions <fuckers>!

ragged Thu 23-Dec-10 16:25:31

Doesn't one third(?) of the working population have a criminal record? Which they can never escape now due to CRB check system.

When DS got duffed up at skate park I declined to press charges precisely because I didn't want a 14yo getting tagged for life with an assault record.

lololizzy Thu 23-Dec-10 17:30:15

LG murdered a German taxi i recall, that's why Eastender was never shown in Germany

lololizzy Thu 23-Dec-10 17:30:43

what did Stephen Fry do?

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