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do you buy presents for friends' skids as well as kids?

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StuffingGoldBrass Sat 11-Dec-10 10:20:42

My mate has two DDs (one with her current H) H also has a DS. We are going to theirs for a Christmas party - I have bought little presents for all 3 kids, not just the DDs, that's fair isn't it?

PonceyMcPonce Sat 11-Dec-10 10:27:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

taintedsnow Sat 11-Dec-10 10:28:04

Yes, I think that's fair. smile

altinkum Sat 11-Dec-10 10:29:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hulababy Sat 11-Dec-10 10:29:30

I wouldn't distunguish between step children and birth children.

Stinkyfeet Sat 11-Dec-10 10:29:46

Yes I always buy for best friend's dss.

StuffingGoldBrass Sat 11-Dec-10 10:48:38

Yes, am actually just sort of breathing deeply thinking how I nearly forgot about the poor boy (he doesn't live with them AFAIK but don't know if he is spending Xmas with them or his mum).

nextchapter Sat 11-Dec-10 12:24:01

Yes, I always buy for step children. It isn't the child's fault that they are there etc, and it would be horrid for them to be left out

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