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to tell you all about my romantic weekend away?

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TheYuleLogLady Sun 05-Dec-10 17:04:16

1. the hair removal cream i used over my whole body gave me a hideous bleeding rash. over my whole entire body.

2. the train journey on the way back should have taken just over an hour but actually took 4 hours and i had to listen to a very loud family who didn't stop talking the whole way. i know exactly what they are having for christmas and what sort of cheese she likes best (wenslydale with cranberries)

3. Mother-in-law has ironed every item of clothes i own including my manky old pants.

i am exhausted.

Sleepingonthebus Sun 05-Dec-10 17:13:33

Poor you. Was the romance part good though?

I had a 'romantic' night away with my ex years ago. He got very pissed and fell asleep, and I resorted to reading the bible in the bedside cabinet, because I was so bored.

TheYuleLogLady Sun 05-Dec-10 17:16:04

there was some shagging romance with interspersed shreiks of 'ouch' 'don't touc my legs' 'ow'

Shodan Sun 05-Dec-10 17:23:48

On my first ever romantic weekend away with DH we booked into a v posh b and b (an oxymoron you might say but you'd be wrong on this count). Huge bed with puffy duvet, comfy sofa in room, large tv and an ensuite bathroom with a bath big enough for two with taps in the middle.

On the first night I ran a deep bath, emptied in most of the thoughtfully-provided smellies and bellowed called seductively to DH to come join me. Five minutes passed with no appearance. I called again and got a grunt in reply. I waited a further five minutes before stomping wetly into the bedroom to see what was happening.

He was watching the sodding golf. As he did for the entire weekend (while we were in the room at least).

Well, it was The Open. Silly me.

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