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People are calling me HRH now....

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HRHPrincessReality Fri 10-Sep-10 23:37:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CaptainKirksNipples Fri 10-Sep-10 23:47:26


ShowOfHands Fri 10-Sep-10 23:48:46

No bloody way am I genuflecting and all that crap.

You are The Reality.

squashedfrogs Sat 11-Sep-10 00:53:56

Your majesty, I've just noticed that you're friends with my cousin on facebook. I had no idea that she mixed with royalty! shock grin

ChippingIn Sat 11-Sep-10 01:00:26


You think it means Her Royal Highness - we know better wink

HRHPrincessReality Sat 11-Sep-10 08:10:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

proudnglad Sat 11-Sep-10 08:13:39


Horrible rude harlot?

Hairy rancid hermit?

Hideous ridiculous hermaphrodite?

Mwah ha ha ha!!

HRHPrincessReality Sat 11-Sep-10 08:24:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

proudnglad Sat 11-Sep-10 08:42:58

That'll learn ya

squashedfrogs Sat 11-Sep-10 10:20:03

I'm a lurker mainly so haven't reached the heady heights of being on other mners fb grin I saw your lovely wedding day profile pic amongst her friends.

My cousins initials are SW and she's got short blonde hair if that helps. If you've got a million fb friends that may not have narrowed it down much!

EccentricaGallumbits Sat 11-Sep-10 10:22:43

Hairy Rabid Hobbit.

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