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Mydp and I met each other 20 years next year

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starohbright Wed 18-Aug-10 14:04:36

Should we celebrate in some way?,if we have not ran off by then and married in secret with our dc.{grin].

BusyMissIzzy Wed 18-Aug-10 14:08:27

Wow, 20 years. I think you should celebrate. It's my and DH's 5 years wedding anniversary next week, but since we've got 5mo DD to think about we'll probably just have a nice meal at home. Were you young when you met? Was it love at first sight?

starohbright Wed 18-Aug-10 14:17:21

I was 17 years old when we met,it was not love at first sight, however he did make me laugh alot,and still does.
We got to know each other first and now two children later,still happy but older and greygrin.
Happy Anniversary for next week Busymissizzy,hope you have a lovely day whatever you do.
Any good ideas what we can do?.

LostArt Wed 18-Aug-10 14:20:16


I met DH 20 years ago this month. When I mentioned that we've been together coming up to 20 years, he just said 'Oh' and sighed. I'm not expecting a gift. grin We celebrated 15 years together by getting married, but we wished we had eloped. Just run off together, it will be fun! Go on, do it!

starohbright Wed 18-Aug-10 14:22:28

Thanks LostArt and Congratulations to you toogrin.
I would love to elope how romantic.

Harryan Wed 18-Aug-10 14:31:57

So sweet
My DH and I got married 3 years ago on our 10 year anniversary (to the day)
We also met when I was just 17, it most definatly was love at first sight for us

You Really should celebrate it! Even if you just have a night away somewhere xx

Heracles Wed 18-Aug-10 17:57:22


Hang on, that doesn't work, does it? Erm...

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