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or is this really common practice?

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turtle23 Sun 08-Aug-10 09:28:03

On two seperate occasions I have said in passing to people I know that DS2 would not take a dummy. These two people both said "Oh, I had the same problem so I forced DC to have one." When asked what that entailed they both said they'd kept it in by tying a muslin round their heads. I was shock but apparently this is what a lot of people do. Strikes me as horribly cruel and dangerous. AIBU?

wukter Sun 08-Aug-10 09:29:15

Never heard of anyone doing that.
Sounds horrible.

luciemule Sun 08-Aug-10 09:29:18

sounds horrific to me!

lal123 Sun 08-Aug-10 09:29:19

No - it's not common practice - is this a wind up?

yama Sun 08-Aug-10 09:29:19

Jesus Christ!

I've never heard of that - thankfully.

turtle23 Sun 08-Aug-10 09:31:47

lal123- I soooo wish it was a windup. If it had been going on currently I would have reported both of them. One of these women also kept her DS in his playpen for hours while she cleaned the house and slept. I found it too difficult to remain friendly.

turtle23 Sun 08-Aug-10 09:33:08

And the other, when she saw my face said "I only tied it round lightly..." To which of course I had to reply "Great, so it can slip and strangle him?"
This happened a while ago but it goes round my head every time I see a dummy. Had to get it out.

xkaylax Sun 08-Aug-10 09:33:38

Thats horrible shock

Ineedsomesleep Sun 08-Aug-10 09:34:25

I've never heard of it either shock

YunoYurbubson Sun 08-Aug-10 09:34:53

I have heard of people doing this. Idiots.

Alicetheinvisible Sun 08-Aug-10 09:36:33

There was a thread about some product ages ago that did the same job. Surely if your child doesn't want a dummy then it doesn't want one. Idiots.

QueenSconetta Sun 08-Aug-10 09:36:44

Good gracious, I would say not common place at all. My DD wouldn't take a dummy either although the daft baby would have been much happier if she did because she would suck anything else that came near her. She just couldn't get to grips with it and would scream if you tried to put it in so I didn't try in the end. God I didn't even hold it in her mouth let alone tie it to her face.

Also baby in a playpen while she SLEPT? shock how could a person do that?

snugglejunkie Sun 08-Aug-10 09:45:17

shock shock

Couldn't get my DS to take a dummy until my mum babysat for a few hours when he was 5wks old... will have to quiz her fully how she managed it now!!

To be fair I'm pretty confident that she didn't do the muslin thing...

Ineedmorechocolatenow Sun 08-Aug-10 09:45:52

Had the same thing with DD QueenSconetta - Hours of colic screaming, but refused to take a dummy. DS took to one straight away, and it was a lifesaver (also a colic-sufferer).

I would NEVER have forced her to have one. That's vile!

thumbwitch Sun 08-Aug-10 09:46:58

outrageous! if the child doesn't want a dummy why in God's name would you force it to take one??

ShrimpOnTheBarbie Sun 08-Aug-10 09:47:05

Really? Surely the baby would scream? Or is that just my unruly monsters?

ccpccp Sun 08-Aug-10 11:05:28

Used to be common back in the day, but I suppose todays mum is well versed on baby rights and its no longer the done thing.

Probably why we all had behavioural issues back then, and todays kids are such little darlings.

DetectivePotato Sun 08-Aug-10 12:32:46

I've never heard of it! shock

YANBU, appalling behaviour. If a baby doesn't want a dummy then why bloody force it on them! Pisses me off when people do that, especially when baby is sitting quite happily and parent (usually mother) forces bloody dummy in their mouth for no reason.

scrab806ble Sun 08-Aug-10 12:36:44

Neither of my two had any interest in dummies. MIL said I should 'persevere' Why? Are dummies inherently good, and not having one a deprivation? Neh...

slouchingtowardswaitrose Sun 08-Aug-10 12:44:17


admylin Sun 08-Aug-10 12:47:36

I've heard of that before too.

The mum as a very young east German with 2 dc almost 10 months apart in age and she tied their dummy on with a thin scarf sad she also locked them in their room for the afternon nap.

cravingcroissants Sun 08-Aug-10 12:47:41

Ive never hears of this but one of DP's 'friends' used to tape their babies dummy in shock
Absolutely disgusting....what if the child vomited ffs!

megapixels Sun 08-Aug-10 12:48:23

I'm finding this very hard to believe.

If it's true I'm sure such idiocy is very rare.

Firawla Sun 08-Aug-10 12:51:39

never heard of it
i thought most babies just take them by freewill & if not then people wouldnt bother

slimmingworldmum Sun 08-Aug-10 13:02:19

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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