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To think there is something creepy about nudists

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victoriascrumptious Mon 12-Jul-10 00:28:54

100% more creepy than swingers in fact. In fact swingers are not creepy at all. Just a bit Alan Patridge-style embarrassing.

Nudists however creep me out.

If there were any in my street I would be very unhappy

Tortington Mon 12-Jul-10 00:30:13

why? its not like they would walk about your street with todgers out, balls dragging on floor

dont get it.

PrincessBoo Mon 12-Jul-10 00:33:20

It's been bloody hot recently. I might consider becoming a nudist. My DS is definitely one already wink

YABU - and maybe a little repressed grin

LetThereBeRock Mon 12-Jul-10 00:36:48

Why would you care,so long as they don't walk down the street naked.

lolapoppins Mon 12-Jul-10 00:40:39

Ok, I win at this.

My parents were nudists for a while when i was about 7/8 years old.

It was horrendous.

I think because they suddenly got into it, it was much worse for me. They didn't make me join in, but I remember not knowing where to look and legging it up to my bedroom when thier two new freinds Roger and Patricia came over for the evening to fill them in on the local nudist group, butt nakid.

It was a fad of my mums which only lasted a few months, but I was treated to a holiday at a nudist place in France. I remember I spent a lot of time in the tent drawing.

Christ, how I wish i was making this up.


PrincessBoo Mon 12-Jul-10 00:50:51

lolapoppins Oh dear God how toe curlingly awful for you. DS is 2.6. I won't be wandering about the house starkers when when he is 9.

OP - I've changed my mind (am fickle).


booyhoo Mon 12-Jul-10 00:56:37

i have just read a book about a girl who experienced similar lolapoppins although her story lasted until her teenage years and she was abused by several of her parents' friends. it has put nudism in a bad light for me but i can see how it can be liberating for some.

lolapoppins Mon 12-Jul-10 01:04:54

Oh, that's awful booyhoo.

It was just a bit of a cringeworthy and confusing experience for me. Not so much in terms of seeing my own parents nakid, that was still fairly normal to me at that age, it was just really, really embarrasing seeing other adults and some children walk around with no clothes on. I couldn't get my head around why people would do that. If it had always been part of our lives since I was a baby, it would have been normal to me.

On a lighter note, my towards the end of thier experience as nudists, my parents went away for a weekend to a country house nudist weekend. Nudists dress for dinner. No one told that to my inexperienced parents grin

booyhoo Mon 12-Jul-10 01:10:25

that is funny. one of the things the girl in the book couldn't undertsand is the nudists having a fancy dress disco. when the girl had grown up she asked her dad why he had made her do it, why they had become nudists. he said she was coming to that age where she would become curious about bodies so he wanted her to see it was nothing to be ashamed of sad she never did tell him what had happened to her as a result of his decision.

your poor parents, well at least it wasn't something they hadn't all seen before grin

boiledegg1 Mon 12-Jul-10 01:19:06

I'm curious about why people get into this. Anyone care to enlighten me?

BaggedandTagged Mon 12-Jul-10 01:37:01

Well some people see nudity as a natural state- sort of how we are "meant to be".

Personally I am not at all "body shy" and can see the appeal of hanging out naked in certain situations- around the house, in a pool, on a beach, but NOT in the supermarket or wherever (chilly around the freezer cabinets apart from anything else).

I dont think that nudity is necessarily sexual in itself and I do think for nudists, the appeal is in the freedom that nudity brings rather than getting an opportunity to perve other people.

It's not for me but I dont think it's creepy. Swinging is way weirder IMO, especially the dogging end of it

boiledegg1 Tue 13-Jul-10 13:03:32

Thanks B&T, that is what I thought but I was not sure..

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 13-Jul-10 13:15:35

all I'm going to say is poo crumbs on your furniture

boiledegg1 Tue 13-Jul-10 16:30:27


Decorhate Tue 13-Jul-10 16:34:43

There is a nudist colony a few miles from here and I was most amused to read in the local rag that the inmates residents were aggrieved that workers on a nearby construction site would be able to see them naked! hmm

Morloth Tue 13-Jul-10 16:40:58

YABU whatever floats your boat whether that be swinging or going nude.

Not my problem.

Handbagofoblivion Tue 13-Jul-10 16:49:45

We go to a naturist camp site in a hot place every few years. It is much nicer being naked when it is really hot. Everyone carries their own towel to sit on for hygiene reasons.

Handbagofoblivion Tue 13-Jul-10 16:52:54

Boiledegg, I 'got into it' because DH's parents are naturists and he enjoyed naturist holidays as a child and adolescent.

Assuming you are at a place with a pool or beach, your body dries without a swimming costume and that makes dipping in and out of the water far more pleasant.

There is nothing sexual about it.

RedArsedBaboon Tue 13-Jul-10 16:53:22

Dont go to centerparcs in holland then, right next to one of them is a nudist area round a lake, they were riding their bicycles with nothing on but walking boots. The bicycles were hired from the centerparcs. I was the only one with a hired bike hmm as everyone else took theirs with them.

The DC had a field day. 'look mummy....' 'look daddy...' with howls of laughter.

Must admit i was pmsl so much i couldnt turn the pedals.

RedArsedBaboon Tue 13-Jul-10 17:00:41

Add to the fact that I spent the rest of the week riding about standing up on my bank which caused much hilarity too hmm

RedArsedBaboon Tue 13-Jul-10 17:01:06

bank?? bike

Morloth Tue 13-Jul-10 17:07:45

There is nothing finer than skinny dipping in a river/lake/ocean.

franke Tue 13-Jul-10 17:08:33

We have a naked man living in our neighbourhood (Germany). He's been around for over 20 years and features in tourist guides I think. He disappears for months on end and then suddenly pops up (so to speak) usually on the coldest day of the year. He doesn't bother anyone, it doesn't seem to be sexual.

boiledegg1 Tue 13-Jul-10 17:41:14

Yes, I didn't think it was particularly a sexual thing. Skinny dipping in a warm sea is nice!

TheMoonOnAStick Tue 13-Jul-10 17:50:03

In every way but one, I would agree with you victoria.

But each family holiday we've had has ended in mountains and mountains of depressing dirty clothes. Nine bin liners one year was my recordhmm. It negated the holiday totally.

I'd def consider it to avoid thatwink

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