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Suspected intolerances in nearly month old - what foods to introduce when?

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Starshinetiger Sun 08-Nov-09 09:39:56

DD has been exclusively bf since birth (refuses bottles and I'm rubbish at expressing, so have not pushed the point). About 3-4 weeks was very sicky, slow to put on weight and very yellow runny poo so, as we have lots of intolerances in our family, I cut out dairy, egg and soya from my diet (I am wheat intolerant, so not having that either). She improved greatly (exactly like my sister as a baby, only it took my Mum to 3 months to figure that out). Any time I have tried eggs, dairy or soya she has been sick (even couple of occasions where I have been unaware I had eaten something containing one of them, but then discovered I have when she's been sick and I've double-checked ingredients). So, I have a couple of questions:

1. She far prefers finger foods for weaning and I am struggling with foods for her, does anyone have any suggestions?

2. I am feeling that I may need to introduce some formula when I go back to work when she's nearly 10 months, but know I'll probably need hypoallergenic formula like DS had. I know GP will want me to have tried her on some dairy - what would you introduce to test her? Cheese? Yoghurt? Am really reluctant to do this, but think I need to (would so love it for her if she was not intolerant...)

3. DD seems to have terrible wind after eating oats, rye bread - could this be a sign of gluten intolerance? She loves to have some of my rye bread, but it always results in her having bad wind and being disturbed at night. Really will struggle what to feed her on if she's gluten intolerant too...

Thanks grin

Kadiya Sun 08-Nov-09 11:53:21

I'm so sorry, it may because I slept badly, but I'm a little bit confused...
Are you giving a one month old solid foods? Because thats a big no-no...but I'm hoping I'm wrong about that and that, even though I've read your post a couple of times, I've just got it wrong.
Instead of doing this all by yourself, you should get your health visitor and gp involved, so that if it IS intolerences, instead of just a serious reflux problem (all three of my youngest children had reflux problems, whch at first were mistaken for lactose intolerence, despite me BF to begin with) but turned out to be a problem with reflux.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not belittling what's going on with your DD, but I really think that with a baby so young, you should go and seek medical advice and be referred onto an appropriate authority, be it a paediatrition or a dietician

Starshinetiger Sun 08-Nov-09 16:07:32

She's 8 months old! I managed somehow (probably sleep deprivation to not see that I had missed the 8 out of the title!)
Thanks for your carefully worded post though Kadiya grin
So, no - have been through 8 months, started weaning at 6 months and she's just not taking to food, but am struggling on what to offer her.
Might need to repost this with a correct title! blush

JackBauer Sun 08-Nov-09 16:41:49

Sorry, but that's a veyr funny typo! Prepare for flaming if people don't read your other response.

When was the last time you tried expressing and offering bottles? How long will she be left for?
DD2 was exclusively BF until she was 20 months and never took a bottle, until she was a year, I would tank her up in the morning and DH would have to give her water through the day, then I fed her when I got back, it was not ideal but she wouoldn';t take a bottle so what coudl I do?

with regards to food ideas I'm not going to be much use, I definately woudl go to your GP with your concners.
Havign said that you could try
home made chips, chicken/beef/pork strips lightly griddled or poached, veg sticks/crudites,
If you can find gluten free oats porridge pancakes (have a look at Aitchs Baby led weaning blog - shoudl be able to google it for ideas)
rice cakes woudl work as well, my mum is glutena nd dairy free and can eat them, or you can buy gluten free pasta in teh free from sections, both of mine had pasta at that age.

Starshinetiger Sun 08-Nov-09 17:48:24

If there was a way to remove this message I would - will start a new one!

Kadiya Sun 08-Nov-09 19:54:52

I'm so glad that got cleared up!
I only had about 4 hours solid sleep last night, and have slept badly for a week (my slow descent back into insomnia lol) so thought it was my addled brain getting the best of me wink
Can you give me some idea of what it is that you feed her?
If you struggle with getting gluten free foods for her, you can get them on prescription from the GP (I believe), although I'm not exactly sure what they would give you I'm afraid hmm
Were you not sent to a dietition for help? If not, go back to the HV/GP and demand it!If you are struggling to feed her then it needs to be sorted!
Jack has got a point though, if you can manage it, keep on with the breastfeeding for as long as you can because that way she will get a lot of nutrients from you

Kadiya Sun 08-Nov-09 20:01:36

Also, seems like a daft question, but with the dairy, is she lactose intolerant, or milk protein intolerant?
If she is lactose intolerant, then having "cooked" milk may change that problem for you... my oldest is lactose intolerant, but I was able to give her homemade fish pie, or cauliflower cheese because the milk/cheese was cooked, which changes the make up of the dairy...if that makes sense?
If you worry about thickening these things for her because of your wheat intolerance, so are not able to use flour etc, then you could try thickening with mashed potato wink

hobnob57 Sun 08-Nov-09 20:16:59

DD was intolerant to dairy (still is to some degree) and gluten. We gave her lots of fruit & veg as finger foods, GF toast, rice cakes, fruit bars, etc. We didn't do BLW, so meals were homemade with marmite instead of stock cubes, GF pasta & PURE spread instead of butter, once she had moved on from the fruit & veg purees. It was a PITA but became a way of life. Our saving grace was that she loved soft boiled egg and wasn't intolerant to it, but it seems you don't have that luxury sad.

Do speak to GP/HV - they should be able to refer you to a dietician for advice & to get yourself some calcium supplements.

As far as a dairy trial goes, try petits filous or yoghurt first. Just a spoonful.

The GP/HV should be willing to prescribe dairy-free formula. Don't touch nutramigen with a barge pole - it's vile. DD refused bottle & formula from when we tried first at 5 months. We persevered every day and finally got success at 11 months with Pepti and a cup. Made life a whole lot better. They will also give you calcium supplements for LO's that refuse formula who are also dairy-intolerant. I didn't find this out until after 12 months and it was amazing what a weight off my shoulders this was, to not worry about her growth as a result of milk refusal.

Taramuddle Sun 08-Nov-09 20:22:23

Just as an aside runny yellow poo is normal for a bf baby & by slow to gain weight what do you mean? I worried a lot about dd as she was born 8lb 5 but was very slow to gain weight when plotted on the growth charts. Now 3 yrs she is slight but healthy & her brother, born 9lb 12 (!) has also been slow to gain weight. When I checked his chart he is now on the same centile (12th) as his sister was at same age. Some babies drop on the charts as that is their natural growth pattern & the charts are based on mostly ff babies.

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