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Not sure what to think

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Heartmum2Jamie Mon 24-Aug-09 23:27:10

I am a bit concerned about my ds3 who is 9.5 months. Just over 2 weeks ago he started with horrid, mucous filled nappies with lots of partly or undigested food. I had to wait a week before the GP would accept a stool sample, which came back normal. I was excpecting that. The reason I am worried is that I feel like I have been transported back in time to when ds2 was a similar age, he had similar nappies and was diagnosed at 18 months with multiple food allergies (dairy, egg, nuts & wheat). On the advice of ds2's dietician, we have weaned ds3 on a dairy, egg & wheat free diet with a view to slowly introduce them after his st birthday.

I called the HV after getting the stool sample results to be told that I just have to wait it out, but that I should keep a diary of what he eats and his poops. The problem for me is that he was born weighing 8lb 11oz, was a right roly poly breastfed baby until he was about 6 months. Between 6 & 7 months he lost 12oz (16lb 12oz to 16lb) and at 9 months he still only weighs 16lb 6, so dropped from the 75th to the 2nd centile). Everything is just so reminiscent of how thing went with ds2, that I can't help but be worried that he may have allergies. His eczema is marginally worse right now, not sure if it the warmer weather or that I have had to give hm more baths due to his blow outs. Ds3 is still breastfed and we are basically following baby led weaning with him.

I have considered trying to help his gut flora, but can't find a dairy free probiotic. I am pretty sure that as his guts are still playing up and he looks visibly slimmer, that we are likely to be refered, labelled (FTT) and tests will be run, just like last time. Would I be mad to ask them to allergy test first? How reliable is it in under 1's and how would I even have any idea what to ask them to test for as he is is dairy, egg, wheat, free.

I am just fed up, my washer is constantly on as I use cloth nappies and it makes me sad to see him looking so thin. I just wanted to have a nice healthy baby, especially given that ds2 has other health issues besides his allergies.

Sorry for the rambling post, just needed to vent really

Homebird8 Mon 24-Aug-09 23:37:13

Sorry I can't help but bumping for you anyway.

tatt Tue 25-Aug-09 08:10:29

is he gluten free or just wheat free as that could be a gluten problem? It's easy enough to find a non dairy probiotic on the net - just google non dairy probiotic - but a powder suitable for babies is a bit more tricky. Search the mumsnet allergy section - some have been posted before.

You might also want to look at the digestive enzymes on the mandimart webiste as an alternative to a special diet. I think now they are suggesting that wheat should be introduced before a year.

Gastrointestinal problems are more commonly intolerance than allergy - so allergy tests aren't likely to prove useful. A paediatric gastroenterologist may be more use.

In your place I'd look at the mandimart website first, the enzymes help with both wheat and dairy. I have used some myself for non-coeliac wheat intolerance. They are expensive but better than other enzymes.

bluesnowfalcon Tue 25-Aug-09 08:17:33

With food intolerences they won't necessarily show up in a food test as an intolerence if the product is not being eaten. Sorry about your problems but if it is any concilation my brother did the same when he was weaned and was diagnosed as a ceolic but grew out of it before he went to school

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