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'Natural' emollient for eczema and nut allergy advice please

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Bilbomum Mon 17-Aug-09 10:14:24

DS (nearly 3) has always had pretty bad ezcema and itching problems and also has multiple food allergies including nuts.

I'm losing faith in the standard treatment he's had for the last 3 years and I'm starting to worry about the amount of petrochemicals he has been absorbing through his normal eczema treatment (Epaderm/Hydromol twice daily). Final straw came on Friday when I picked up his new emollient prescribed by the hospital consultant and found it contained peanut oil!

I was thinking of shea butter but obviously I think that's a nut. The only other thing I've found that looks like it's worth trying is apricot kernel oil. Presumably it doesn't count as a nut does it?? Has anyone ever tried it?

All advice gratefully received...

MousyMouse Fri 28-Sep-12 17:29:25

we use weleda skin food, but I know it's not for everyone afaik it contains lanolin (organic, though) and lemonene.
it's very rich. we use it in combination with aveeno hand lotion: weleda skin food mornings and evenings, aveeno in between as needed. haven't needed steroid creams for ages.

Bumpstart Wed 03-Oct-12 22:59:59

Sorry to hijack..... My dd only tolerates ointments. Creams all sting. Has anyone got any suggestions of something lighter than hydromol that is not a cream?


Bilbomum Thu 04-Oct-12 08:41:06

Gosh this is strange, I started this thread back in 2009! Perhaps to give you all some hope, DS suddenly grew out of his eczema when he hit 4. No change of diet or creams it just happened. It was very severe and I never believed it could get better. He's now 6 and has peachy skin. Still has major allergy problems but believe me that's much easier to deal with than the eczema was.

I drove myself absolutely mad for four years (and spent a lot of money) convinced that a different cream or change of diet might be the miracle answer. No explanation which doesn't help anyone unfortunately but at least you know that sometimes the body just seems to right itself.

Big sympathy to everyone dealing with eczema though, it's been a couple of years now but I still thank my lucky stars every day that he grew out of it.

Bumpstart Thu 04-Oct-12 20:33:27

Bilbo mum, what a great story, thanks for sharing!

Here's hoping for current eczema kids too.

nevertoooldforindie Fri 05-Oct-12 21:38:56

I was recommended a company on another thread about eczema and its a company called moogoo (search for moogoo). They sent some samples and I noticed they do a version of their ezcema cream that is nut free. I haven't tried them yet so can't report if they work or not.

cinnamonbun Tue 20-Nov-12 20:37:19

I've struggled with eczema on and off since a very young age and the only thing (apart from steroid creams) that truly helps and stops the itching is baths with salt. Ask for Epsom salt at your pharmacy (not perfumed salts). It has made such a difference to my life. Good luck!

LadybugLillie Fri 28-Nov-14 12:50:20

I have come across this thread when I was researching something and noticed no one mentioned Rocky Mountain Soap Company Dry Skin Relief. I used to work for the company and due to Canadian laws they cannot claim that the products helps with a medical condition, but I have personally talked to many customers, especially moms, who swear by this... All the products are made with mostly organic ingredients in a small Alberta town. You can buy it here...
The shipping costs aren't that bad either.

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