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DS in hospital with asthma - 12 nebulisers in one night ... and do you know of singulair and flixotide?

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mamatilly Thu 30-Jul-09 15:21:52

while visiting grandma, DS (3 1/2) had chronic asthma attack at weekend, and spent 24 hours in hospital, with 12 nebulisers, plus oral steroids and additional ventolin thru spacer...

they have called it viral asthma - he had an attack last oct (hospital - 2 nebulisers) and since then been on becotide twice a day, plus afew times each month lots of ventolin, plus 2 or 3 nebulsiers at doc... so i thought reasonably under control.

this latest episode seems so concerning - am i right to be worried? 12 nebulisers seems so much... going to see our normal GP tomorrow - what should i ask him?

someone has mentioned 'singulair granules' and also 'flixotide' for children - have you any experience of these???

thanks xx

pointydog Thu 30-Jul-09 15:39:19

How worrying for you.

SOmething very similar happened to dd2 when she was 6 and she had to spend 4 nights in hospital, brought on by a cold so viral.

FRom now on, you will be more aware each time he has a cold and maybe be a little bit more aware of when things are getting bad, especially as he gets older and communicates more.

I haven't used singulair or flixotide so I can't comment. Just get the GP to run through what the normal routine should now be re the becotide and ventolin. You can get different strengths of becotide. S/he might give you a peak flow meter so you can keep a close eye on things which might help peace of m ind.

Poledra Thu 30-Jul-09 15:43:36

If you get prescribed Flixotide, it will be to replace the becotide, as it is the same class of drug (preventers/brown inhalers). It's a newer drug and is as effective as Becotide when used at a lower dose. It can still be used with Ventolin or other reliever medicines.

Jojay Thu 30-Jul-09 15:58:55

My Ds ended up in hospital in January aged 2.3, under same circs as yours - he had a cold and his attacks are always triggered by a virus. He had LOTS of nebulisers too, I understand how scary it is sad

He was on Becotide previously anyway and since then he's been on the Singulair granules - also known as Montelukast.

This combination has worked brilliantly for us. We've had a couple of days when he's had to use his blue puffer since then but they've been few and far between, and he's much much better than he was last year - he was having nebulisers and steroids at least every 6 wks, sometimes much more frequently, until he went onto this combo of drugs.

Tellingly, we were advised to drop the becotide over the summer as there were fewer viruses around. Within a week we were back at the docs for nebs and steroids again, so he's on both drugs year round for the time being.

Our overnight stay in hospital has - so far - been a one off for us and I hope it is for you too.

Often it's a case of trial and error until they get the cocktail of drugs right, so be prepared to persevere, and keep taking him back to the docs if things aren't improving.

But Becotide and Singulair was the magic formula for us. He takes the Singulair mixed into a bit of custard or fruit puree every night and calls it his 'special powder'!!

Best of luck, and I hope he's on the mend soon - it's so scary, for them and for you.

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