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Do you think this might this be lactose intolerance / cow's milk intolerance...?

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waytoomuchchocolate Sat 27-Jun-09 19:49:56

hi - apols for TMI in advance!

10 month old ds has only ever had anything approaching a 'solid' nappy a few times - it might sound daft but i never really thought there was a problem with this, it's got thicker in consistency and changes colour according to what he eats (solids since 7 months) but it's always been pretty loose iyswim. paste-like at best occasionally i'd say. usually kind of gloopy.

the childminder he's been going to for the last couple of months has mentioned that she thinks this isn't qute right, and now a few friends with babies of same age have said their nappies are much more solid at this stage - so I'm a bit worried.

he was bf til 7 months, and been on aptamil formula ever since. eats yoghurt and cheese but no other cows milk yet.

what would you do? does it sound like an obvious intolerance to anything?

Thanks a lot for your advice.

simpson Sat 27-Jun-09 20:47:14

Don't know if I would go with the consistency of poo just by itself iyswim.

Are there any other symptoms?

Or how many poos are there in a day?

My DD (17mths) is lactose/soya intolerant and was also on aptimil ff (we did not realise then obv.) and she had very runny poos (up to 7 a day) or the other extreme chronic constipation but also had very dry skin, and was generally very whingey/miserable.
Wanted to be held all the time.

Although her intolerance is severe sad

How much fruit does your LO eat? If he eats a lot that might be making poo runny...

waytoomuchchocolate Sun 28-Jun-09 08:18:16

thanks for your reply. sorry to hear your dd has a severe intolerance.

i'd say on average 3 poos a day, but none of the other things you mention - no dry skin, generally happy etc

someone else mentioned too much fruit. he has about 1 of those fruit pots you can get - or say a few slices of kiwi / apple + a few strawberries - is that a lot at this age?

hardly any banana which i can't get himn to eat, which i did think might help!

what did you have to do with your dd if soya was also out?

simpson Sun 28-Jun-09 10:29:21

It doesn't sound like too much fruit but maybe try cutting one out at a time for a few days iyswim, you may find the culprit.

DS (now 3) got very runny poo from eating pineapple and even a small bit would be noticeable in nappy iyswim.

DD is on neocate which is a hypoallergenic ff which we got on prescription from hospital.

It tastes/smells absolutely vile but she doesn't seem to mind <odd child>

waytoomuchchocolate Sun 28-Jun-09 13:26:53

thanks simpson. i'll try cutting one thing out at a time and seeing what the result is. now i think about it properly, he does have a lot of veg with a bit of meat & fish, and not much carbs other than potato, so maybe it's just runny because of that.

can they test for intolerances at doctor's if i can't find a solution do you know?

simpson Sun 28-Jun-09 19:21:28

my DD is lactose intolerant and she was tested at hosp (referred to pead)

It was a stool sample test which showed sugar in poo.

Don't think GP will test.

Also not sure how reliable they are iyswim.

DD tested negative for oats but deffo has a problem with it and gets very constipated.

Unfortunately for intolerances the main way to test is elimination from diet.

Hope cutting out fruit helps!!

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