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Allycat Fri 25-Mar-05 16:39:56

Hi there, I put an ad in classified but I thought I may as well put a mention in here as this is the appropriate topic! I have one large (900g) and one small (400g) Nanny Goat Milk for sale. They are unopened but the tins are a little bit dented. They are usually £15 for large and £8 for small to buy on the net. Any offers?

melon1 Fri 25-Mar-05 20:46:47

Hi Allycat - What would you want for them and how much would the postage and packing be?

Allycat Fri 25-Mar-05 21:37:24

Hi there Melon1
How about £9 + p&p? I'll go and see how much they would be to post. Where abouts are you just incase you are nearby. I am in Bromley Kent.

melon1 Fri 25-Mar-05 23:12:54

Sounds like a good deal as long as the p&p isn't too much! Not nearby unfortunately - I'll keep an eye on this thread for the final cost.x

Allycat Sat 26-Mar-05 18:30:38

Hi again. I will try to get to the post office on Tuesday to find out. Watch this space!....

Allycat Sat 26-Mar-05 18:34:21

Hi again again! I have just looked at the post office website and to send a parcel 1.5kg will cost £4.45 so the total will be £13.45. Will this be ok?

melon1 Sat 26-Mar-05 20:25:17

Hi Allycat - that sounds like a bargain to me - thanks - I've asked Mumsnet to send you my e-mail address - if you e-mail me your address I will send you a cheque or postal order, whichever you prefer.x

Allycat Sun 27-Mar-05 13:15:16

Hi Melon1. I have not received an e-mail from you yet so I don't know if you have done it properly. I have just tried to send you an e-mail and it said that you are not set up to allow other talkers to contact you. Please have a look and contact me again. Many thanks, Allison.
PS to allow people to contact you go into your user profile and change the setting in the mumsnet WORDING. It is not a tickbox - I hope you see what I mean?!

Allycat Sun 27-Mar-05 13:17:24

Sorry Melon1 I told you the wrong thing to do to allow contact. You go into contact another talker and the mumsnet wording at the top of the page allows you to change your preferences. Hope you see what I mean now. Thanks.

melon1 Sun 27-Mar-05 13:33:22

Hi Allycat - just done it so hopefully we should be good to go now!

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