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Asthma: Poor ds1 will he EVER be able to blow up a balloon?

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KerryMum Tue 19-Feb-08 11:04:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

girlfrommars Tue 19-Feb-08 12:01:52

Some children do 'grow out' of it- I did. I know that swimming is supposed to help build up lung capacity.

suedonim Tue 19-Feb-08 12:24:25

It will get better eventually, though I got fed up of people telling me that when ds2 suffered brittle asthma from the age of 4 to age 17.

I'm not sure about the balloon thing though; I struggle to blow them up and I'm not asthmatic - I think it must be down to having the knack!

KerryMum Tue 19-Feb-08 13:33:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

girlfrommars Tue 19-Feb-08 13:47:46

Maybe playing the recorder? Don't really know what to suggest. You could ask your GP about the becotide/whatever the modern one is.
On the balloon front though, helium ones rock- and there's no issue about inflating them.

suedonim Thu 21-Feb-08 15:33:36

Why not have a trial with the preventer and monitor how it goes? Maybe the time of day you give it will alleviate the hyper situation.

I'd definitely go back to the swimming, in some shape or form. It was the best thing for my two dses.

Another exercise for the lungs is to get your ds to blow out a candle, gradually moving it further away. It encourages the lungs to empty properly.

BoysAreLikeDogs Thu 21-Feb-08 15:40:48

Kerry I would second recorder, or move on to a brass instrument as I did.

Learning breath control, being aware of using your diapragm, increasing lung capacity, all helped me.

I was asthmatic child, still have it but controlled by medication plus playing my cornet.

Also, have a word with doctor about changing the preventer medication, probably not a good idea to stop using one.


dontwanttogetoutofbed Thu 21-Feb-08 15:44:35

i cant blow up a baloon until today.
its not the end of the world

RubberDuck Thu 21-Feb-08 15:53:30

Actually, when well, asthmatics actually have stronger lungs than those without the condition. Struggling for breath helps build up the muscles apparently, lol... bit like playing a wind instrument.

So yes, he will be able to blow up a balloon

3madboys Thu 21-Feb-08 15:54:45

oh your poor ds, if his asthma is not brilliantly controlled you should ask to see an asthma nurse to get some help, and they should be able to give him a diff preventor that doesnt make him hyper.

i have always gone swimming regularly which makes a HUGE diff to my asthma, it enabled me to control my breathing etc and really helped, i even did long distance swimming comps etc as a teen, despite my asthma

balloons can be a pita to blow up tho, even without asthma.

((kerrysds)) xxx

RubberDuck Thu 21-Feb-08 15:56:02

And yes, you should give him a preventer daily - the effect is cumulative. As 3madboys says, sounds like you just haven't found the right one yet and need to get reassessed.

Squiffy Thu 21-Feb-08 16:56:06

Please keep up swimming and things like this. My brother (now 45) had such bad asthma as a child that he spent half his life in and out of Gt Ormand Street. My mum used to make him go swimming and she used to make him walk to school (even though she would walk 50 yards behind him secretly, crying, because she could see how difficult he found it)

The doctors say that all this excercise as a child was what prevented him from ending up in a wheelchair. Not saying this to alarm you - he really was at the very worst end of the spectrum - but to underscore what everyone else is saying abot the benefits). He still takes steroids even now, but he runs his own property maintenance company so is out and active every day. I haven't heard him wheeze for years.

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