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Gluten allergy help?

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NotQuiteCockney Sat 29-Sep-07 08:47:24

Birthday party tomorrow, and one of the guests has a gluten allergy. I'm checking labels and being sure I know what's ok for her and what isn't. (She's 6, so presumably sensible about what she eats? And she'll come with her own bit of sweet, as the cake won't be safe.)

Her mum said some tortilla chips weren't ok. The ones I have, have maize flour, palmolein oil and salt. There's no Allergy warning about anything on it (!!). I'm used to looking for milk special code words (whey, casein, etc etc), but not gluten!

KerryMum Sat 29-Sep-07 11:26:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NotQuiteCockney Sun 30-Sep-07 17:02:28

Thanks, that did the trick!

daisyandbabybootoo Sun 30-Sep-07 17:28:30

NQC, walkers crisps say on the back if they are suitable for coeliacs (one or two flavours aren't, ie cheese and onion). I know the lightly salted dorritos are fine. If you were doing sausages for the other kids, helen browning organic sausages from sainsbury's are fine...and delicious, and you can get gluten free breadsticks. sainsburys also sell gluten fee pizza in the frozen section. Their free from range is the best of all the supermarkets.

NotQuiteCockney Sun 30-Sep-07 18:59:21

Oh, thanks. DH ended up getting some doritos I think it was in the middle of the party, and they said they were suitable for coeliacs.

I got sausages from our local organic shop.

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