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allergic to guinea pig?

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christywhisty Wed 15-Aug-07 23:47:10

Ds 11 has lots of allergies treenuts, peanuts, various seeds, plasters, insect bites.Also gets chronic sinisitus due to some sort of rhinitis.

Ds had and awful cough in June, but so did most of his class according to his teacher. We bought the guinea pigs a week or so later. Due to the excitement of year 6 leaving and sats results etc we did not take him to the doctor assuming it was a virus.
However although the cough has improved he is still has coughing fits several times a day.He also sounds very breathy
Also last week his eye swelled up for a couple of days. Lortradine hasn't helped, have even tried blue inhaler which he had a while back after about of viral induced asthma, which doesn't seem to help either.

He cuddles his guinea pig a lot, but he has spent a couple of days away from it at my mum's and insists that he is not better there.

We are going to the allergy clinic next week for retesting of his normal allergies, so will obviuosly ask about this as well.

Dies this sound like another allergy, asthema or just a prolonged virus.

lizziemun Thu 16-Aug-07 22:12:27

I get a similar reaction to cats, my eyes swell shut and are very itchy.

It may be due to either the guinea pigs fur or dust from the sawdust from the

I had rhinitis (chronic) from when i was about 18mths but got worse as i got older, i am allergic to small particles, dust mites.

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