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Probably been asked before but... nut allergy - should we avoid almond oil in bath/body lotion?

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TheBlonde Tue 14-Aug-07 11:13:00

DH has nut allergy

So we are a nut free household and I am trying to ensure the kids avoid nuts

I was given some bath stuff recently (aimed at babies) but it's got sweet almond oil in

Can I use it on the toddler or should I just save it for me?

phdlife Tue 14-Aug-07 11:16:35

My niece has peanut allergy. She is alright with tree-nuts (eg. almonds) if they are not processed together (they often are). So you need to be clear what kind of nut allergy dh has - if it's tree-nuts, then the bath stuff is a bad idea all round.

TheBlonde Tue 14-Aug-07 12:39:13

Thanks phdlife - he is allergic to peanuts, almonds, walnuts etc

TheBlonde Tue 14-Aug-07 21:39:02


Mumfie68 Tue 14-Aug-07 23:12:11

As far as I'm aware, sweet almond oil can cause reactions - if you read around using Google, there are warnings to massage therapists and the like to check with their clients before using it.

Also, for those that don't know (I didn't!) it can also be called Prunus Dulcis.

TheBlonde Wed 15-Aug-07 06:17:57


phdlife Wed 15-Aug-07 10:30:45

also you can google Anaphylaxis UK (or something like that) - they give excellent, expert, over-the-phone advice. Much better than I got from my dr/hv!

IsabelWatchingItRainInMacondo Wed 15-Aug-07 16:05:24

It’s bit a bit tricky, it depends on how the nut oil has been processed, but I think I also saw in the same article that even so, it may cause problems if you have broken skin which is almost imposible not to if you are a child. So, IMO not worth the risk, especially when is difficult to find out how the oil has been processed.

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