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Medication for allergies

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Mumtoboygirl Sun 08-Sep-19 07:15:04

Where do people stand on medicating unnecessarily? I have a child who is allergic to various things ranging from mildly to more seriously. I don’t agree with medicating unnecessarily. But her dad has been told “a simple antihistamine would be enough” he lives in a house where all the allergens she’s susceptible to are strongly present, and to this point I have said she is not allowed to visit there. I also keep her away from these in her everyday life and do not Medicare. He’s now on a crusade to cause issues and believes all he needs to do is medicate her. I’m completely against putting meds in the kids for no real reason. He takes the kids out and sees them regularly (sat/sun fortnightly) and seemingly plans to get his own place eventually. But I don’t know where I stand with this as my understanding is regular use of meds is a problem for the body and immunity. I feel strongly about this and also had advice from her doctor to keep her away from allergens. Where do I stand with this do I even have a say?

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ChildminderMum Sun 08-Sep-19 07:24:18

What are the allergens?

Mumtoboygirl Sun 08-Sep-19 07:37:10

Grasses Dust mites pollen cats dander borderline dogs dander (she gets a skin reaction with contact with dogs the rest is all respiratory nose,chesty). I keep her away from all in everyday life and we don’t have any issues. ( I even rehomed my cats for her benefit) And have no need to medicate at all. Unfortunately at his home there are x2 both animals and lots of dust. I was advised by her doctor to keep her away. But seems her doctor has told her dad differently unless he’s lying.

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Mumtoboygirl Sun 08-Sep-19 07:38:20

Edit* house dust mites (if that makes a difference)

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ChildminderMum Sun 08-Sep-19 08:11:26

Can you speak to (email) her allergy nurse and get some advice in writing about it?

Mumtoboygirl Sun 08-Sep-19 08:20:14

Well I do have a letter from her doctor with the advice to keep her away from the allergens which I thought protected her. But I found out yesterday that he’s spoken to her doctor and seems he’s been told that it’s as simple as giving her meds. Which I completely disagree with as if nothing else it only actually masks the symptoms. I’m in a bit of a spot here as I obviously don’t know exactly what he’s been told but apparently he’s going to his doctor for a second opinion but who knows what he’ll tell them as he’s convinced I’ve lied over these allergies. As I asked at the end of an appointment what a rash was several years ago and was told it was allergic but of course wasn’t logged. I have since told him this a million times and told him after the actual app. And the common denominator was dogs (atleast several occasions and each time she went to his house in the past) so have since kept her away from dogs and it hasn’t happened at all. I’m just stuck what to do really as I don’t feel it’s fair to put something in her body just to go somewhere she doesn’t need to be.

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ChildminderMum Sun 08-Sep-19 18:25:12

Has she had allergy testing?

canteatcustard Sun 08-Sep-19 18:50:10

with those environmental allergies, simply reducing levels in home may not be enough.
does your child snore?
does she sleep well?
can she concentrate well at school all year round?

my son has all environmental allergies, one life threatening for a few years until outgrown. We changed our home dramatically, but still needed to buy a decent pollen/dust filter, and give him antihistamines daily. We gave them at night, to lessen the side effects. BTW it takes a good 2 to 4 weeks for a build up effect in a system.
As he grew older he was able to only have them during the tree pollen season which is now his worst time of year, so we start taking them in feb so that he copes better in march etc.
As a child and on occasion as an adult he needed nasal sprays and eye drops as well as anti histamine.

its worth looking at studies on children with allergies in school as they often are marked low in exams due to the seasonal allergies.
Certainly being a mouth breather all year round for example has am impact on concentration at school.

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