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Is it possible to develop an allergy to fruit in adulthood?

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mangojuice Wed 25-Jul-07 22:49:34

I'm not allergic to anything else, but since the birth of my second child I seem to have problems with fruit! If I eat fresh fruit my lips tingle and my throat itches and feels as though it's swelling up a bit. Today I ate some strawberries and as well as my lips tingling a tiny blister developed on the inside of my lip.

The worst culprits are peach, strawberry and pear, as well as orange juice. These are all things I've eaten lots of in the past so it seems a bit strange.

At first I thought I was imagining things, but it seems to be getting worse over time. Does this sound like an allergy to you?

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 25-Jul-07 22:54:00

Yes it is possible. Hunker is allergic to apples iirc. Is it salocites or something? I only know (about half of) what I've read on here, which isn't a lot. Hopefully someone who makes more sense will be along soon.

hotcrossbunny Wed 25-Jul-07 23:00:51

I'm being checked out for 'oral allergy syndrome' which is fruit allergy related to grass pollen allergy. Do you have hay fever?

mangojuice Wed 25-Jul-07 23:05:39

Yes, but I get it early in the season- gp thinks it could be tree pollen. Grass doesnt seem to bother me. Hayfever only developed 7 years ago, didn't have any trouble as a child.

hotcrossbunny Wed 25-Jul-07 23:08:40

Seeing allergy nurse tomoorow so may know more after that. Think it could relate to tree pollens too...something to do with similar proteins or something I think.

mangojuice Wed 25-Jul-07 23:12:56

Hotcrossbunny- I just googled it and got a Wikipedia page, and it does sound exactly like what happens to me! How bizarre. The fruits that cause me problems are related to tree pollens too. What causes you problems?

mangojuice Wed 25-Jul-07 23:13:45

No good at links I'm afraid, but worth a look at the page

onlyjoking9329 Wed 25-Jul-07 23:16:32

i developed kiwi and other allergies after having my DDs.

foxinsocks Wed 25-Jul-07 23:16:36

I get that tingly lip thing too - but I only get it with certain fruits and only in hayfever season. Have no idea why. Also get the blisters the next day (and sometimes on my hands too). It's very odd!

If it really bothers you, take an anti-histamine. I find taking one stops it for a few days.

hotcrossbunny Wed 25-Jul-07 23:18:05

Where do I start? Strawberries, peaches, melon, nectarines, peppers, kiwi, tomato, celery.... sesame, nuts, rapeseed oil.... the list goes on. I used to be able to eat anything

hotcrossbunny Wed 25-Jul-07 23:19:29

I am now a nightmare guest, can't eat out unless I want yet another jacket potato and beans. I was fine til I had dd...

mangojuice Wed 25-Jul-07 23:25:56

Wow, isn't it wierd, I never realised other people got this too. Am trying to remember what I had the other week that made my throat swell up really badly. My dh had to sit me down to sip at a glass of water. I wish I could remember what it was so I could avoid it. Do you suppose the reactions become worse each time you eat the trigger?

foxinsocks Wed 25-Jul-07 23:26:45

yes, if it is an allergy

have you got some antihistamines in the house? I would get some if I was you!

mangojuice Wed 25-Jul-07 23:27:15

Hotcrossbunny- has it taken a while to get referred to an allergy nurse? I hope they can help. It must be really awful to have so many things to try and avoid.

SleepIsForTheWeak Wed 25-Jul-07 23:28:24

I developed a kiwi allergy in adulthood.
AT first it was tingly , then each time it got worse until I had the lips swelling, throat closing thing... doctor said the kiwi allergy is a strange one, each time you have it the reaction is worse than the time before.
BUT when that happened just taking an anithistamine sorted me out, so make sure you keep some on you. GOod luck

mangojuice Wed 25-Jul-07 23:29:55

Foxinsocks- havent got any in as I have been pregnant or breastfeeding during the last couple of years hayfever seasons. Saying that someone told me recently you can take them when you're bf, so perhaps I would be OK with them after all

hotcrossbunny Thu 26-Jul-07 00:02:05

I didn't need antihistamines while pg or bf. I'm sure a lot of it is caused by hormones... It took months to see the allergy clinic and I haven't got past the nurse yet. I think I might see the consultant if she hits a brick wall. I seem to live on piriton ATM and avoid anything I've had a reaction to. Drives my mum mad...

CalifrauniusFudge Thu 26-Jul-07 00:37:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

christywhisty Thu 26-Jul-07 12:58:37

I have had reactions to Sharron fruit(persimmons) in adult life and also Plaitains.
My lips tingled and swelled up. I also have hayfever and eczema.

hotcrossbunny Thu 26-Jul-07 16:14:29

Been to see allergy nurse today. My fruit/veg reactions seem to match up with my grass/tree pollen allergies, so I have been diagnosed as having oral allergy syndrome This means I can't eat a whole range of stuff, although I may be able to tolerate them cooked. I am fed up with it.

CarGirl Thu 26-Jul-07 16:17:10

Same here, started when pregnant with dd3, it is to do with the silver birch pollen. It is a nightmare but I do find if I'm tanked up on all my antihistamines and eat organic the itching is bearable and only occasional. The hospital told me not to eat those fruits again but I need the fibre and I love fruit!

hotcrossbunny Thu 26-Jul-07 16:25:14

Why is this happening though? Been speaking to a friend in Germany and she says allergies don't seem to be anything like the problem they are here... What are we doing that is so different? Is it additives/preservatives etc?

hotcrossbunny Thu 26-Jul-07 16:25:15

Why is this happening though? Been speaking to a friend in Germany and she says allergies don't seem to be anything like the problem they are here... What are we doing that is so different? Is it additives/preservatives etc?

CarGirl Thu 26-Jul-07 16:30:27

No idea, probably more to do with pollution and living in homes with lots of soft furnishings and double glazing. Not enough fresh air and exposure to germs as a child?????

auntyspan Thu 26-Jul-07 16:35:56

Very excited about this thread, thought it was just me. Mine started about 10 years ago, nothing to do with having kids. I can't eat apples, pears, nectarines, peaches, apricots etc BUT can drink apple juice and eat stewed apple etc.

Have had hayfever since a child. Had no idea they were connected.

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