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Mung Sat 14-Jul-07 10:00:24

Two weeks ago DS's eyes reacted after dinner. The seemed to swell on the tear duct side, making him look like he didn't have a bridge of his nose. He was fine in himself, except for itching eyes. We called NHS direct and took him to A&E on their recommendation. At the hospital they took one look at him and said it was hayfever. I wasn't convinced as that day had been raining and within 24 hours it was clear. He has had no other reaction until last night when the same thing happened.

I realised that I had given him the same dinner both times. The first time I disregarded it as being a reaction to the food as it was a Dahl, which I considered to be pretty harmless. Now, however, I can only link it to that. I have one more portion in the freezer and I will try given it to him again, but could he really be allergic to one of the ingredients? I made it myself and all it has in it is red lentils, onions, carrots, turmeric and coriander. He has onions and carrot frequently and he has lentils plenty of times before. So, it must be the spices.

I must add that he has an egg intolerance, but the reaction is very different to the one he had last night.

Has anyone had the same experience?

tatt Sat 14-Jul-07 10:25:47

Is he old enough to tell you if his throat feels funny? If not and you think it is one of the spices then ask for a referral to have skin prick testing before trying to feed it to him again.

If he is old enough to talk and says his throat is not affected then try rubbing some of the spice on his skin. If it produces a rash stop and ask for a referral. If not let him put one grain of the spice in his mouth.

Whatever you do have a bottle of piriton to hand it case something goes wrong.

Mung Sat 14-Jul-07 20:38:28

He is only 20 months, so I need to rub the spice on his skin.

With regards to the prick testing, can doctors refer you for testing on the NHS or is it private? I haven't even had any tests for the egg intolerance (its very clear he has one), but it would be useful to know if it is the white or the yolk and to what extent.

Mung Sat 14-Jul-07 20:42:11

Whoops ... just realised that I forgot a title. I ownt get many responses then!

tatt Sun 15-Jul-07 08:49:59

at 20 months he is unlikely to have clear enough speech to tell you. A reaction that you suspect is caused by food and involves any part of the face swelling could be serious. If he was mine I wouldn't let the food near him until you have seen a specialist.

The testing is available on the NHS although they don't always test babies/ toddlers, sometimes they just tell you to avoid the foods until the child is older. Lentils are part of the family that includes nuts - are you sure he's had red lentils at least twice?

Egg reactions are more often to white than yolk but its difficult to get all white off a yolk.

You would get more responses with a title but there are also more people around in the week so bumping tomorrow or reposting would get you more comments.

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