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Excema and aqueous cream

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happymummy1 Fri 03-Sep-04 22:14:13

I suspected that my ds had excema,he has patches on the backs of his legs,elbows and the back of his head.After going to see the hv she agreed that it was excema and to use aqueous cream,which i started to use yesterday,however when i got him dressed this morning it seemed to be worse,thepatches had grown!
I just wondered if it is supposed to get worse before it gets better or should i stop using the cream and see my gp?

JanH Fri 03-Sep-04 22:15:53

Some forms of eczema do seem to react to aqueous cream, happymummy. Stop using it and see your gp again.

hana Fri 03-Sep-04 22:16:40

I would see the GP. I use aqueous cream on my dd - she doesn't have excema but does reacts to anything else (and she loves bubble baths!) I know that there are lots of different creams and ointments for excema and not all work for all kids - it's a matter of finding one suitable for your ds's skin.

happymummy1 Fri 03-Sep-04 22:21:05

Thankyou i will stop using it then,i just could'nt believe it when i got him dressed and saw that it had got worse.The hv also told me to get some oilatum for the bath is that any good?

JanH Fri 03-Sep-04 22:22:27

It can be - try everything at least once. (Don't get it OTC though, ask for a prescription, it's not cheap!)

happymummy1 Fri 03-Sep-04 22:27:13

Okay thankyou thankyou janH..

MrsDoolittle Fri 03-Sep-04 22:28:26

I had this. I chose to use grapeseed oil, apparently in it's purest form it's the best stuff to use. I went to Neal's yard. Dd has had for ages now but a GP I know said not to worry and that she would grow out of it. I stopped using all soaps in her bath and wash her only in water.
How old is your ds? Dd is 5 months.

happymummy1 Fri 03-Sep-04 22:37:32

Hi MrsDoolittle my ds is just over 4 months old.

SofiaAmes Fri 03-Sep-04 22:41:32

Many mumsnetters have recommended Aveeno Cream. It works absolutely brilliantly for my dd. In her cases it can make large patches literally disappear overnight. I got my gp to prescribe it, so I don't even have to pay for it. I really do recommend trying it. Make sure you put it on directly after a bath, when your ds's skin is still warm and the pores are open.

happymummy1 Sun 05-Sep-04 20:16:53

Thankyou sofiaAmes i will try that,do i have to
make an appointment to get gp to prescribe it?

luckymum Sun 05-Sep-04 20:20:50

We can't use aqueous cream either or Unguentum (sp) - Aveeno is king in our house too - and we have managed to get it on prescription after a little bit of aggravation

misdee Sun 05-Sep-04 20:24:16

we cant use some aquous creams (must be lanolin free ones for them to be ok) and cant use e45 stuff for the same reason.

If you find the oilatum and aveeno doesnt work, then keep on at your gp till you find something suitable. i have foiund most gp's will prescribe the cheapest thing unless you ask fotr something better. i had one gp telling me off for going thro too much dermol500, he told me it was very expensive stuff, to which i replied i know, but its the only thing that works!'

Morgan Sun 05-Sep-04 21:04:39

I use a cream called cetraben for my ds and it is great - sinks in really quickly. You can but it in Boots/Superdrug and get it on prescription too.

SofiaAmes Mon 06-Sep-04 00:36:03

misdee, every time I read things like that I thank my lucky stars how wonderful my gp's are. When I asked for the prescription for the aveeno, my gp said "let me prescribe 4 tubes at once so you don't have to keep coming back to have it renewed.

happymummy1, I would expect you would have to go in and see your gp to get it prescribed, but you can buy it without a prescription too, it's just expensive (£7 a tube).

Chandra Mon 06-Sep-04 00:46:55

Probably is a good idea to pay for the tube of Aveeno and if it works get your GP to prescribe it (in case your GP is as mine and is fussy about prescribing better creams).

Chandra Mon 06-Sep-04 00:47:43

PS DS's exzema also reacts badly to aquous cream.

happymummy1 Mon 06-Sep-04 22:49:35

Well i took my ds to the doctors today and she has prescribed diprobase and oilatum for the bath,so we will see how this goes.I just could'nt believe that the aqueous cream could make it flare up even more,it actually made it start to weep.
I will let you know how it goes,thanks all for you're advice.

earlygirl Mon 06-Sep-04 22:53:49

my excema reacts badly to aqueous cream.i would be wary of it-personally i think its crap

try the cream for the weleda site on the other excema nightmare thread its the only thing ive ever found that takes away the dryness and soothed as well its brilliant

earlygirl Mon 06-Sep-04 22:54:41

sorry meant on the weleda site-link on other thread-

jaxh Tue 15-Feb-05 22:44:38

I have a 15mth old boy, his eczema flared up 10 days after his MMR and i thought it was a reaction-two months on he has it all over his shoulders,stomach and back.Can anyone help,I've tried sudocreme but totally bewildered by what is available-don't really want to try steroids but is this the only answer???

misdee Tue 15-Feb-05 22:46:41

go to the gp, and ask for bath emoillant (oilatum, balneum) and a cream for afterwards. i used dermol500 lotion, or diprobase. others to try are aveeno (highly recommended by other mumsnetters), oilatum cream, 50/50 and eucerin.

Dior Tue 15-Feb-05 22:47:55

Message withdrawn

sparklymieow Tue 15-Feb-05 22:48:01

misdee what is aveeno?? Atm all we use is oilutam bail and cream, should I demend extra creams, very confused about all this?

misdee Tue 15-Feb-05 22:49:58

aveeno is oat based i belive, and others have recommened it. ask for it when u see the skin nurse next week. think your dd might benefit from a change in perscription.

dd1 eczema is better with ointments/lotions rather than creams. really must get dd2 eczema looked at soon as her hands are a mess atm.

sparklymieow Tue 15-Feb-05 22:51:12

I am going to ask for her to look at DD2s exzema and also ask for allergy testing, as something is making her bad

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