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Child with toilet issues!

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user1495020658 Fri 30-Jun-17 16:25:52

In need of some advice please, my dd has ASD and had reflux as a baby and was on infant gaviscon for 18 months along with the thicker formula. She is 5 now.

She has always been extremely windy! Recently (the past few weeks) she is going for a number 2 at least 6 times a day, sometimes more. I thought maybe it was a tummy bug but the number 2's are formed, a bit slimy when I wipe her. She does have pain before she goes, and her wind is violent at times and generally smelly!! She doesn't go for a number 2 at school, but this morning as an example she went 3 times before school and we've been in 30 minutes and shes been twice so far.

The only thing new is she has been having a small amount of milk at bedtimes and a frube in her lunchbox (this is as well as a cheese string or portion of cheese)

Her diet is pretty poor (ASD related! She mostly lives off eggs, cheese, mashed potato, chicken, jam tarts and toast!!) and she does have flare ups of eczema mostly on her hands and wrists.

Any experience of anything similar? Not sure whether to eliminate from the diet or see our GP. Thanks!

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dementedpixie Fri 30-Jun-17 16:28:55

Maybe an issue with dairy or could be gluten. I would see a gp about getting her tested

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