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IBS for beginners!

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Ladyofc42 Thu 26-Jan-17 17:18:06

Hi all
Have had stomach issues for past months, and having had several medications, some of which helped most didn't and finally an ultrasound last week which thankfully came back clear, doc says I have IBS.
So whilst am so relieved it's nothing life threatening, am so overwhelmed by info on line. Fee for dietitian here is 80 so that's out for now.
Does any one have a basic eat/don't eat guide please? Or starter suggestions for breakfast lunch and dinner?
Just started slimming world on September, and cut out crap focused on fruit yoghurt etc but now I'm thinking they are possibly triggers?
Sorry for so long, am bamboozled with doing right or wrong!

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Iwant2move Thu 26-Jan-17 17:27:07

Are you suffering with IBS-D or IBS-C?
If diarrhoea dominant, you should follow the low FODMAP diet to find your triggers. Unfortunately, this is best supervised by a dietitian.
Also all others gastric conditions should be excluded before a diagnosis of IBS. Have you been tested for coeliac disease and scoped and biopsied for crohns?
You should be able to see a dietitian on the NHS.

Ladyofc42 Thu 26-Jan-17 18:08:00

not in Uk so no NHS unfort, yes everything else ruled out, its been a tough time up to now.

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loraflora Sat 04-Feb-17 11:21:58

If you decide to go down the fodmap route and can't get a referral to a dietician in your country, the best app is the Monash university one as they originated the research and have the most up to date info and offer guidance on portion size. I also find the fodmap by FM app useful as it will take you through the exclusion diet and reintroduction process. You are not supposed to stay on the fully restricted diet indefinitely. The latter app has a database of UK food products though, so it could be worth looking into whether there is similar for your country.

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