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What should we do...?

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Warmworm Fri 04-Nov-16 08:19:35

My dd has a peanut allergy and chickpea allergy which has always been only moderately bad- treatable with piriton. The one time we had to go to A&E (before the epipen was prescribed) was after she had eaten a chickpea curry. That's how we discovered the chickpea allergy. Anyway, yesterday she had an anaphylactic reaction at school from being in the same room as peanut butter. No eating or touching. I can only assume traces got on tables/chairs and there was some cross contamination.

My question is we have long haul flights to Orlando booked for next year, and I don't know whether to cancel or not. There's bound to be peanut traces on the plane. Do you think I should cancel? We'd loose a lot of money, but it's only money. What if we have one of those people on the plane who can't forego their right to eat peanuts for 9 hours? Argh.

canteatcustard Fri 04-Nov-16 22:09:30

we have flown long haul and had similar episodes of anaphylaxis with our son.
I think you need to go, plan a way to manage, and fly. Normal life shouldnt stop because of allergies.

I certainly wouldnt be cancelling so soon after a reaction as you need time to process and recover from the reaction.
our son had 2 episodes of anaphylaxis last month, and we are slowly settling down. there is a bit of emotional ripple effect afterwards, and stress levels are very high.

We have been to USA twice, and shorter flights, Spain, Italy, France.

I am happy to post travel tips or feel free to ask questions. Many people with allergies who have travelled/ flown will be able to help as well.

ThatGingerOne Fri 04-Nov-16 22:21:16

I'm sure I've heard of people being told they cannot have peanuts on flights due to someone having allergies on the plane. Call your travel agent/flight company and talk to them - I'm sure if they think something could happen they'll sort something out to make sure they aren't liable (not saying that they would be but a lot of businesses seem panicky about things like that smile )

Warmworm Sat 05-Nov-16 12:01:35

Thanks for your replies. You're right canteat I need to calm down first!

I am just a bit shocked that she reacted without even knowingly touching it. I guess if we're careful to wipe down seat and tables etc., and she only eats safe food brought by us, then she will probably be fine. And the epipen did work a treat. I need to try and put it all in perspective.

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