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Aloe Vera allergy

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pattiannp22 Sun 22-May-16 07:51:50

I was so happy to find a discussion on this topic.... I have many allergies which were discovered just last year after many asthma attacks (and I never had asthma before) grass, pollen, trees, plants, ragweed, mold, cats, dogs, rabbits, .... to name a few... a minor garlic allergy however, being italian i cook and eat garlic regularly and have never had any problem. I went through many months of immunotherapy injections which helped keep allergies under control. I woke up this morning with my ENTIRE face all full of rashy red dots. I freaked out! It seriously looks like measles. I of course ruled that out being immunized and I had no fever. The rash does not hurt nor itch. I wracked my brain thinking of what the heck did I eat or what did I put on my face. I couldn't figure it out. I have a very particular skin care routine and use Dermalogica and it has always worked well. A few hours into the rash I thought "OH MY GOODNESS....IM USING ALOE VERA GEL ON MY FACE!!! I have never used it before and began using it as a "skin primer" before my makeup,,,, something I read about and thought I'd give it a try. My boyfriend said "Thats It!" he had a similar reaction after putting it on his sunburn many years ago and it only donned on him when I mentioned that Im using aloe gel on my face. Well i'm certain that its the aloe after now reading so much about it. I hope it goes away before having to see a doctor because the last thing i want is to be on any steroid like prednisone to rid it because I had a horrible whole year on that horrible med when trying to get a handle on my asthma. In the meantime Im just watching my face to check for improvement or worsening. Geez who would have known, 100% aloe gel and organic would do this??? lesson learned. (and since everyones including dont know if it matters though but Im O positive and so is my boyfriend. ) Wondering if anyone knows a non prescription med to put on my face??

SunnySomer Sun 22-May-16 08:01:29

Do you mean to get rid of the rash? I would take an antihistamine, eg Benadryl fast relief which you can get over the counter.

I'm allergic to aloe Vera too - though have only had it on my hand - but would suggest (have lots of allergies to skin products) that you test anything on the back of your hand for several hours before putting it on your face.

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