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Advice needed please

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CornishDoll82 Sat 20-Feb-16 10:41:04

My little girl 7 months had a skin contact reaction when she ate hummus a couple of weeks ago. She got a flat red rash where the hummus had been that didn't bother her and disappeared after 20 mins.

I saw 2 doctors at my surgery and they both shrugged and said it was probably a reaction to sesame and just to 'avoid hummus' and it was an over reaction to investigate further.

My question is, do you think it's okay to try her with peanuts. I'm asking because I've read sesame allergies often link with nit allergies

There are no allergies in family and she hasn't had eczema

Any advice appreciated!

MayfairMummy Mon 22-Feb-16 12:40:55

Personally, I'd try the peanuts. Current research shows kids who are fed peanuts from young have much lower rates of peanut allergy. Keeping them off a food in a purely 'just in case' where there has been no serious reaction for anything else seems a bit, ummm, overly cautious to me.

WRT the hummus, are you saying she reacted where it touched her skin, but had no other reactions at all?

MayfairMummy Mon 22-Feb-16 12:41:20

No reactions from the actual eating the hummus, I meant ..

CornishDoll82 Mon 22-Feb-16 17:27:38

Hi mayfairmummy, yes it did look just like a skin reaction. I guess I just got freaked out as I read up on sesame allergy and the link to nut allergies and the forums were full of people saying their children also had dreadful nut allergies too!

I actually ended up giving her a tiny bit earlier today and nothing happened so will try a bit more tomorrow

MayfairMummy Tue 23-Feb-16 10:33:39

Good news, Cornish ... sounds like no serious issue wrt nuts.

I'd also consider (at a different time to the nuts) trialling her on the hummous. If it was only a skin reaction, you're probably better keeping her on it (ie feeding it to her) than taking it out of her diet. (which is completely the opposite from what they used to say (and what some docs who haven't done recent allergy training still say)!).

CornishDoll82 Tue 23-Feb-16 10:59:06

Thanks Mayfair. My doc was totally useless - just said 'hummus isn't an essential'

crackedphone Tue 23-Feb-16 14:10:10

sesame is in lots of food, bread, for instance. A difficult allergen to avoid.

CornishDoll82 Tue 23-Feb-16 14:13:16


MayfairMummy Wed 24-Feb-16 15:34:36

Cornish, my doc was worse than useless (literally) when DS was little. I learned it all myself and have realised that because of my high level of interest, i know a lot more than the GPs, who of course, have a very wide knowledge base in order to treat everything that comes in the door (while i can focus my time on allergies). I'm also able to keep current more than they are (i tend to spend at least one day a year at the allergy training for docs/nutritionists etc to make sure i'm following the current research)....

Have you also checked that it's actually the sesame? My DS is absolutely fine on sesame, but is allergic to chickpeas.

CornishDoll82 Wed 24-Feb-16 16:22:39

No I don't know what it was really, but she's had chickpeas before and was okay. I also gave her more peanut butter at lunch and she was fine.

I'm still hoping it was maybe just a contact reaction - looking online a lot of people seem to say their babies had this reaction to hummus and grew out of it......

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