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indamb Wed 19-May-04 18:14:08

My dd has excema(not always bad) in summer it flares up and I think it is even worse when using sun lotion. Any suggestions.

littlemissbossy Wed 19-May-04 18:38:54

The National Eczema Society website has info on sunscreens and recommended products - click on Fact Sheets on the right (sorry can't get links to work ATM). It will probably be a bit of trial and error before you get one that suits her but HTH

gloworm Wed 19-May-04 20:05:53

Jason sunscreens are really good, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. all natural ingredients, definatly worth trying. I have used them on baby from age 4 months. kids version is factor 46 (they do about 6 versions). can get from a good health shop.

toddlerbob Wed 19-May-04 20:09:05

DS uses Hawaiian Tropic Baby Faces (in a pink pack).

CountessDracula Wed 19-May-04 20:11:13

Proderm. Originally developed as a cream for eczema then made into sun tan lotion. Is fab, mousse so even factor 30 rubs in no problem and doesn't look white.

From allergymatters website

The Proderm skincare system consists of mousse formulations that are scientifically developed to gently treat and prevent a range of minor skin disorders. Proderm has been designed to be a soft, non-greasy mousse that's easy to apply, and gentle on skin. Proderm contains palmitic and stearic acid, which are two natural lipids found in the composition of human skin. The unique lipid/water formulation restores the skins natural moisture balance which, in turn, helps to protect the skin, without destroying the skin barrier as some topical drugs do. This special formulation penetrates deeper into the epidermis (outer layer) of the skin to give maximum protection and moisturisation.

The barrier function of the skin is vital for controlling loss of moisture from the body and also protects against external substances entering the body. The upper layer of the skin consists of 85% lipids (ceramides and fatty acids) and 15% water. If this composition if lipids and water becomes disrupted, the protective barrier function of the skin becomes compromised. If you imagine the structure of the skin to be similar to a brick wall, the lipids are the mortar between the bricks (skin cells), which hold the structure together. Obviously, if the lipids (or mortar) are lost, the structure becomes unstable. This results in excess moisture loss from the body which perpetuates the condition. It also renders the barrier function of the skin ineffective, which allows external irritants to be more readily absorbed into the skin. When you experience irritation, it's because there are tiny breaks in it that are causing inflammation. What Proderm does is to quickly penetrate your skin and fill any small tears with soothing lipids. The result? Completely non-greasy moisture replenishment that repairs the natural barrier function of your skin.

LunarSea Wed 19-May-04 21:04:57

we've found that the ingredient which triggers ds's excema is PABA, which is used in the majority of suncreams. We now use a PABA free one made by Banana Boat.

princesspeahead Wed 19-May-04 21:40:06

You have to be so careful on ezcema skin, it definitely causes flare up. We also use Hawaiian Tropic baby faces, or Coppertone waterbabies. Both come in pink bottles. unfortunately I don't think you can get them here, I import them from the states in bulk every time I or anyone else I know goes there. In cases of desperation I use RoC ones, but they are quite expensive. I can tell you which to stay away from, in order of violence of reaction on my dd's skin - all from kids/sensitive ranges -
ambre solaire (don't use even if desperate - go inside instead!)
piz buin
boots soltan

There was another thread on this with some good suggestions on it - have you done a search?

indamb Wed 19-May-04 22:19:29

Thanks for all the info, ill search for one and give an update. CHEERS

indamb Wed 19-May-04 22:50:17

iam sure i got proderm ssp8(not for excema) for my dh (he hates the feel of normal sub lotion, mouse is great) in home & bargain a few weeks ago for £1.50. they did sells another factor, could have been the one for excema, will check it out tomorrow and let you know.

CountessDracula Wed 19-May-04 23:47:58

Oh yes they sell proderm up to spf 30 or higher for eg here

ChicPea Thu 20-May-04 07:47:30

My DS of 7mths has eczema and after an application of Ambre Solaire with high spf his cheeks have flared up. Didn't know that sun lotion could do this. So rushing out to by Roc preparation. Many thanks for advice.

shrub Thu 20-May-04 08:01:49

i use greenpeople developed by a scientist who's daughter had eczema. there has also been a recent thread about sea/salt in the water helping eczema. hope it helps

Podmog Thu 20-May-04 08:13:48

Message withdrawn

LunarSea Thu 20-May-04 14:04:23

Bet we couldn't get it on prescription here - if we can't get ds's normal creams on prescription (because they can be bought over the counter and you don't actually *need* a prescription to be able to buy them) then I can't see them giving us suncream for him.

indamb Thu 20-May-04 20:56:42

Proderm was aftersun lotion from Home & Bargain £1.59 (should be about £8.99, they also had ssp8 £1.59, what a saving). Don't think they are getting ssp30 for kids, but worth a try for rest of family, including fussy men.

Gwu Sat 22-May-04 09:46:35

Proderm works for my son too. He reacted to the Green Baby suncream but so far so good with Proderm.

misdee Sat 22-May-04 09:58:46

where can you get proderm? have managed the last few years without sunscreen for dd1 most days as she reacts badly to most creams (we can put some on for one day if we are going out all day, but have to bath her after and usually have to be prepared for a couple of bad days with her skin after). we have tried boots own, superdrug, most supermarket brands, johnsons, hawaiian sunscreens plus the usual leading brands.

BearintheBigBlueHouse Sat 22-May-04 10:35:25


misdee Sat 22-May-04 10:43:09

oooo cheers. do ocardo do it? might use my little brothers discount lol.

BearintheBigBlueHouse Sat 22-May-04 11:11:59


Utka Wed 26-May-04 12:36:17

We got Proderm from our local chemist (who was able to order the factor 30 for us), but have also seen it in Sainsbury's, although not the high factor one.

Ditto the comments about Ambre Solaire and skin reaction. Friend's dd started losing the top surface of her skin after just one application!

Proderm has always worked for us - I like the fact that it's so easy to apply, being a mousse. Very important with wriggly 3 year old desperate to go outside NOW!!

pepsi Sat 12-Jun-04 19:49:34

We are currently using the Blue Parrot spray and the Nivea Spray and its brought both of my children out with excema. Has anyone else had the same reaction with these. Are going on hols tommorrow so will have to try and find a chemist along the way who sells something recommeneded on this thread and go from there. Anyone have ideas on how to control it whilst at the seaside. Have aqueous cream to apply after bath but thats about it. Its really annoying because neither of them get skin problems until I apply sun lotion.

pepsi Sat 12-Jun-04 20:15:20

Come on someone, help me find a suncream, have sent hubby off to shops with lists of recommended lotions from here and from the excema website, would appreciate hearing from anyone else who knows of good ones and ones to avoid, worried that our entire holiday will be taken up with avoiding sun and panicing over applying aqueous cream religiously.

Utka Wed 16-Jun-04 16:55:55


We use Proderm (available from most chemists) - factor 30. They ordered the high SPF in for us specially. It's great coz it's a mousse, so goes on quickly. I've also been recommended E45 sun as it's basically titanium dioxide, so creates a film over the skin - a barrier - rather than being absorbed into the skin. But I know that for some, regular E45 cream is not ok, so this may not suit all.

misdee Wed 16-Jun-04 18:51:09

if u find a SAVERS shop, u can get the proderm moose for 4.99. which is a pretty good price. i have to a stock up b4 i go away next week.

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