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How pale is pale? Re stools in children as symptom of coeliac.

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ilovetosleep Tue 18-Aug-15 11:58:02

Just that really. DS is 4. Stools are much paler than mine (ie they're not dark brown). But they seem normally formed and no discomfort or any other symptoms really. Just that and dark circles under eyes, and lethargy. Have never considered coeliac until now but Ds2 (16mo) has severe gluten intolerance and has never tolerated it, so just made me wonder about Ds1.

Eelus Tue 18-Aug-15 14:15:52

My DS2 always had pale poo (not brown, more of a dark sand colour) which I know realise was due to coeliac disease. He was diagnosed at 20months. Other than colour his poos where normal. He was also pale (but I am very fair skinned) and had a big tummy (but he was quite chubby). It wasn't until he was 18/19 months and he developed other symtoms (weight loss, vomiting, extreme fatigue) that we became concerned about his health which led to a diagnosis of coeliac disease. It was after diagnosis I realised the poo/ paleness/ bloating where his early symptoms.
The only symptom DS1 had was tiredness (caused by Vit D deficiency).
It is definitely worth getting tested if his sibling also has issues with gluten, just make sure he is eating gluten daily for 6 weeks before testing for the test to be effective.

ilovetosleep Tue 18-Aug-15 14:25:51

I think ds's poo is more like a mid-dark tan colour. More dark orange than dark tan. I suppose I should get him checked. Part of me thinks I'm being overly anxious and part of me is in denial and just doesn't want to address it which I know is totally irresponsible. So I will make an appointment.

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