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Insect Bite

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AKP79 Sun 09-Aug-15 14:31:36

Quick question, how much swelling is too much? Been biten 6 times by horseflies in last 24 hours. Not feeling great, but the one on my foot has swollen most. Do these checking or am I overacting? Have attached foot pic...

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 12-Aug-15 18:56:36

Can't see the pic as I'm on my phone app but I'd get it checked especially as it's horse fly bites.

Idefix Wed 12-Aug-15 19:13:19

You need to get some medical advice especially if the redness and swelling extends all round the ankle area and/or there are any red marks travelling away from the main area.

If you have an antihistamine I would take these and also some anti imflamtories such as ibuprofen (if you can take these) to help with the pain and swelling.

Horse fly bites can be very painful.

Idefix Wed 12-Aug-15 19:14:18

Pops just seen when you posted! Hope you are on the mend op

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