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advice on potential cmpi?

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pgchimp Mon 01-Dec-14 19:00:11

hi. I have a 5 and half month old. He was ebf until 9 weeks, then I bottle of sma a day until 20 weeks, when we introduced a second sma, which is where it all went wrong. He suddenly went to 6-8 mucoussy, stinky poos a day, nappy rash and nighttime sleep broken by periods of obvious pain in his tummy, only soothed by an hour plus of rubbing, rocking etc, with no burps ever coming up. two gps just said sounds normal. HV said sounds like cmpi, which OH has got, so back to 3rd go armed with HV's comments and he agreed.envy
So, instruction s were to try the lactose free formula for 10 days first as that is more palatable. We are on day 8 and there have been significant improvements. Poos reduced to 2-3 a day and much better consistency, nappy rash gone. the nighttime tummy pain has reduced, but very inconsistent - some nights we only have it for 20 mins not long after bed time and other nights it is still as bad as it was.

So, after all that, my question is do I try the nutramigen, or stick with the lactose free? are the improvement s enough to think it is lactose (which seems very unlikely given breastmilk also has lactose)?

thanks for reading!

Superworm Tue 02-Dec-14 23:53:55

Lactose free formula won't help if it's the proteins he has problems with. If lactose was the problem, breastfeeding would be an issue.

If CMPA is suspected, a prescription formula is required. Honestly, GP's are rubbish with this. I wish they had more training.

Personally I would ask the GP how they think it works given lactose is abundant in breastmilk and take it from there.

pgchimp Wed 03-Dec-14 19:14:12

thanks superworm. the thing is we don't know whether he is reacting to the proteins. I agree with you that the science doesn't make sense. why would lactose free formula alleviate the symptoms given the lactose in bm?

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