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Introducing dairy to 15mo DD who has CMPI (and soya intolerance)

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marushka82 Tue 28-Oct-14 16:27:08

Hi everyone,

My DD has CMPI and soya intolerance. I've seen an allergy doctor a while ago and while the skin prick test didn't show anything I was told to reintroduce dairy slowly after DD turns 1 year old. Well, she's now 15 mo and I still haven't done it since she's either had a cold or has been teething (she's cutting one of her molars now so I'm waiting until it's out smile Also, I'm really scared because anytime I had the tiniest amount of dairy or soya (I'm still breastfeeding) DD reacted with stomach cramps and she was up most of the night screaming inconsolably, which was pretty heartbreaking.

I'm happy to keep breastfeeding for a while longer and I got used to not having dairy in my diet, but I would like DD's diet to be a bit more varied.

The doctor suggested I start with cow's milk in the following way- Day 1, rub a drop of milk on the inside of DD's lip, if she's fine and has no reaction I can give her 1/4 tsp on Day 2, then 1/2 tsp on day 3 and so on until she can drink a cup of milk.
I read a few CMPI threads here today and I haven't yet seen anyone who would follow this method. Most people seem to start with malted milk biscuits (are these ok: ?) and then move to small amounts of 'processed dairy' so cheese, butter (as apparently the levels of protein there are small) etc etc.

I cannot ask the doctor I've seen as I'd probably need to wait for an appointment for another 6 months (the joys of NHS) but somehow I'm more keen to start with something with a little amount of dairy rather than full on milk. Someone on another thread linked this ladder: which to me makes a bit more sense, but then hey, I'm not a doctor!

What was your experience with introducing dairy? How long did you wait between each step?

marushka82 Tue 28-Oct-14 16:29:06

I need to add that DD never had any rashes, slow weight gain or anything like that. It took me a while to figure out that she has CMPI (basically by eliminating dairy and soya from my diet completely) and once I did eliminate dairy she was like a different baby!

JumpAndTwist Tue 28-Oct-14 16:36:30

DD has a dairy intolerance. So we all stopped having dairy (neither me nor DH is willing to cook different dinners for different family members). We all feel healthier for it. My DB has a severe dairy allergy. He never touches dairy, obviously, and is perfectly healthy.

We now follow a fairly paleo diet. Dairy is not mandatory to have a good diet you know. Actually it is weird to be drinking the milk of another animal, no other animal does it.

Really, why bother? If you feel OK dairy free, why complicate your life with weird goings on to phase in a food stuff you don't particularly want or need and that might affect your DD badly.

If you feel some desperate need to make her have dairy, wait until she can talk and tell you if her tummy hurts.

Seriously, just don't bother. Wait a few years.

ZamMummyInGabs Tue 28-Oct-14 18:02:04

DD (22mo) has CMPI among other things. Dietitian gave us a reintroduction ladder similar to the one linked to below, plus useful guidance as to how long to spend on each step. We've been advised to wait until she's 2 before trying reintroduction but we were gluten free as well & have just spent the last 4 months reintroducing that. What's your calcium source atm? Are you on Nutramigen/Neocate?

marushka82 Tue 28-Oct-14 22:20:43

Thanks Zam - any reason why the dietician asked you to wait until DD is 2 years old?
The main source of calcium is my breastmilk as I'm still BF. The doctor told me it's best for DD and suggested plant based milk as an alternative (when she is at the childminder's for example). I still feed her in the morning and evening and on days when I'm at home with her (I'm at work PT at the moment) I also feed her before her two naps. She's having coconut or almond milk which both have calcium added.

Jump, I see what you are saying but I don't want to give up dairy forever. I am ok without it for the moment (until I wean DD off the breast) but I find it incredibly limiting and simply miss having the choice. I never gorged myself on dairy anyway, so don't expect DD to do so once she can have it. But it's nice to have some cheese or yoghurt occasionally.

marushka82 Fri 28-Nov-14 13:21:59


TheGrinchWearsStripes Sat 29-Nov-14 15:07:15

We haven't started reintroducing with DS yet, as our wonderful dietitian has said that he needs a few months symptom free first so that his gut can mature (he was a prem - 31 weeks) and recover. Has your dd been symptom free for a while?
If you want some dairy and soya free cheese in the meantime, Violife slices are not a bad substitute. They melt quite nicely and while they aren't cheese, there is a cheesiness to them. DS loves them in a toastie. We also use coconut yoghurt (he is also soya intolerant) and things like oatly cream, just so he kind of 'gets' how dairy works iyswim.
But yes, when we introduce, it will be with biscuits first. Cow's milk is a known allergen way after other stuff ceases to be a problem.

SilverStars Sat 29-Nov-14 15:09:27

We were told to use milk ladder by a dietician, who we see 6 monthly. Done malted milk biscuit stage - much slower than suggested ( half a one a week, then x2 a week etc) which has been successful. Told to tolerate the reactions.

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