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dd3 came up in urticia today

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misdee Sun 04-Jun-06 22:56:45

after picking up my sisters cat.

eczema not getting better.

dd1+2 are covered as well. we are all off to the GP's in the morning, to get new perscriptions.

williamsmummy Mon 05-Jun-06 10:44:31

Ask for skin prick testing for all environmental allergens.
They( envronmental allergies) do go in bunches, if allergic to cat, can be allergic to all others like dustmite, dog, tree pollen and hay fever.

my son has all the envrionmental allergies, has ezcema and rhinitus, but only has asthma reaction near dog.
When he was younger we treated the whole house and changed his bedroom and bedding to keep the envrionmental allergens at bay.
This meant in the long term less steriods, and less skin infections.
It dramatically changed his and our lives, he slept longer and put on weight, it was worth every penny on the credit card!!!
try the allergyUK web site, for there allergy house section.

misdee Mon 05-Jun-06 16:12:33

williamsmumy, er are an allergy friendly household

i dont do soft funishing, tho i wanted a leather sofa, dh didnt, so we settled on washable covers, which i try and wash once a week when the weather is nice.

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