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where can i buy surecare

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Maz007 Fri 12-Apr-13 20:12:21

I have found it good for DDs eczema. Funnily enough, after swapping the whole family onto it, I tried persil nonbio which we'd used for years and I came out in horrendous eczema myself for the first time... back onto surcare again and problem disappeared.

luceroqxdyx Mon 08-Apr-13 08:16:33

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laundrylover Tue 17-Jan-06 14:54:34

I use Ecover liquid for excema skin as don't like the smell of Surcare so have a whiff....

Furball Tue 17-Jan-06 14:51:54

Well, it our case it's DH who suffers the worst and yes it has helped hugely.

handlemecarefully Tue 17-Jan-06 14:01:13

Yes it has....

forevermore Tue 17-Jan-06 09:15:53

has use of surcare made a difference to your child excema?

Furball Tue 17-Jan-06 07:24:43

I get mine in Sainsburys

handlemecarefully Tue 17-Jan-06 00:17:11

Think it's spelt "Surcare" i.e. without the 'e'

handlemecarefully Tue 17-Jan-06 00:16:19

Virtually any supermarket - I shop in Waitrose and Morrison's; both stock it.

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 16-Jan-06 23:35:08

sainsburys also.

misdee Mon 16-Jan-06 23:34:23


forevermore Mon 16-Jan-06 23:33:45

my dd has excema (6 months) and am trying ways to treat it. interested in sea salt and surecare detergent. where can i buy these

we were on holiday and her excema was well controlled and she was in sea water twice so maybe a link????

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