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Ds age 5 months, suspected CMPA, not sure about GP's advice...

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GruffaloSoldier Wed 21-Sep-11 15:20:23

have been to GP today as DS2 has had severe acid reflux with wheezing and rattling in his throat since 8 weeks old. Irritability, fussiness, mucous in nappies, and more recently really smelly wind with tummy ache it seems. He has had ranitidine and domperidone and was taken off rantidine and then prescribed omeprozole. At the same time I decided to cut out dairy. Within 48 hours he had improved. I waited 2 weeks but had seen some further symptoms and the wind never went. However he was much happier. Sleep was still bad, waking hourly through the night but all coincided with a cold and tooth coming through.

Anyway I started back on dairy and have had soya too and his reflux and wheezing have got worse again, wind still bad and he has started reacting to each breastfeeding to varying degrees (he is ebf).last night was so bad I was beside myself.he was screaming in pain, high pitched and wouldn't settle. He was trying to feed but coming off screaming. Wheezing and reflux again. I went to my dr and he has told us to try hydrolysed formula and wean without delay, saying if I hold off ds could end up with more allergies. I explained I was ebfeeding and he said to continue with exclusion diet but to try this formula and start weaning. He said my baby was at an age where milk wasn't so important and he needed solids.

To be honest Im now confusing myself but was just wondering people's thoughts? My gut is telling me to keep breastfeeding with dairy and soya cut out and to wait until 6 months before weaning and then use this formula if he will take it just food maybe? I really don't trust my drs and that's really bad. I am so worried I'm considering taking ds to private allergy clinic but not sure that would help anyway.

I have stopped all meds also and GP agreed this was probably best.

Sorry for huge post!

nellymoo Wed 21-Sep-11 16:11:56

Do you want to stop breastfeeding? If you don't then carry on, and continue to cut dairy and soya from your diet (I would avoid eggs, also...)

I think that early weaning is encouraged for severe reflux, it certainly was for my DD, and the idea of introducing hydrolysed formula is that, as it tastes revolting, the earlier you introduce it, the more likely it is that your DS will accept it. The part he has told you about delaying weaning causing more allergies is not proven, there is a big study on-going at the moment...

Also, milk IS important until at least age one, and if your DS is allergic to CMP, then it will be important for you to be able to meet his calcium/fat requirements with BM or formula. Though if you want to continue breastfeeding, there is really no need to use the formula, many of us on this board have not, so plenty of advice if this is what you want to do. Equally, there is no harm in trying the formula in cooking, or as a drink. For what it's worth, my DD would never take it, and hasn't suffered as a result. She has multiple allergies, and I am fairly sure this has nothing to do with when, or how she was weaned.

And get a referral to an allergy specialist. Plenty of well-meaning GPs and HCPs out there who know woefully little about allergies. Get a specialists opinion!

lukewarmmama Wed 21-Sep-11 16:16:11

Exactly what nellymoo said!

GruffaloSoldier Wed 21-Sep-11 17:29:39

Thank you for your replies. I would like to breastfeed until at least 6 months, only have a month left and it is a great source of comfort for him too. I'm hoping that the feeding will calm down again once the dairy/soya is out of my system. Yes I will do egg also, thanks for that. I will see how he goes over the next few days but if I have to go back to the drs I will ask to see a specialist.I have been so often I'm amazed they haven't referred us already. I will slowly start to introduce food and see what happens. Thanks again.

Iggly Wed 21-Sep-11 17:36:09

He could have reflux and CMPA - two different but closely linked things. So cutting out dairy/soya will help but he can still get reflux if he eats certain foods or eats too much. So be very careful with weaning.

BM is the best thing for a reflux/CMPA baby because it digests easily. Hydrolysed formula tastes rank so difficult to switch older babies onto it.

When introducing solids, try something new every three days and keep a note of reactions. Milk is actually the most important thing now, and will gradually diminish in importance until 1.

I had to avoid giving DS tomatoes, dairy, soya, acidic fruits (oranges, pineapples, strawberries and raspberries) although aged 2 he's growing out of it now and can stomach a yoghurt and bits of cheese. I kept BF until recently (we're slowly weaning) but have to make sure he gets calcium. Also I had to be careful with windy foods like green veg as gave him tummy trouble - again that's easing.

freefrommum Wed 21-Sep-11 18:29:25

I agree with nellymoo, if you want to keep breastfeeding then do it for as long as you want just cut the dairy and soya out of your diet (and possibly eggs but I wouldn't worry about baked eggs in things like cake and biscuits as these are very unlikely to cause a problem in breastmilk). I would try to introduce the hydrolysed formula too in small amounts to get him used to it. You might have to mix it with breastmilk initially as it is definitely an acquired taste! Reflux and CMPA do often go hand in hand but you may well find that cutting out dairy etc won't necessarily get rid of the reflux. My DS2 had prolonged reflux until he was 2 despite cutting out all his allergens.

Definitely push the GP for that referral to a specialist and also a dietician as they should be able to help with weaning. I say 'should' because sadly in my epxerience the dieticians are not that great when it comes to allergies but you may be lucky!

SofiaAmes Wed 21-Sep-11 18:33:48

My dd had many of the same symptoms. I was exclusively bfing. Pediatrician in US said it was probably Hidden Reflux and suggested special stay down formula called Enfamil AR (it is available in the uk). I started supplementing the breast milk with one formula feed a day (dd was 5 months at the time) and it helped enormously. Things completely cleared up once she was completely on solids (about 12 months). Dd is now 8 and eats everything and is allergic to nothing.

GruffaloSoldier Wed 21-Sep-11 20:42:23

Thanks for the replies. I am hoping to keep up the bfing, it's the weaning I am most concerned about. Really hesitant to use the formula as I am scared that he could have a big reaction, I find it hard to express so will be difficult to use for weaning. Had another difficult evening with ds2. Hopefully it's just the milk etc still getting out of my system. Finding it horrific. Mum passed away a few weeks ago so really not enjoying this time at all sad

But thank you for all your replies, i will be showing the thread to DH later and we can talk about it some more!

lukewarmmama Thu 22-Sep-11 09:02:16

Just wanted to say, I wouldn't worry about delaying introducing the hypo formula because of the taste reason... we didn't introduce it until age 1 for both DCs, and they were fine. Just mixed it in with EBM in increasing amounts over 2 or 3 weeks, and they ended up loving it. Our first consultant also suggested we could mix it with nesquik if it was a problem!

So BF for as long as you want to (provided you're happy with the restrictions on your diet of course).

Good luck, and I'm very sorry to hear about your mum. It must be a really hard time for you, I hope you're getting the support you need.

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