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Piriton syrup for a 7 month old?

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BubsMaw Tue 24-Aug-10 21:19:59

Hi, wondering if anyone can advise...

My 7 month old boy has allergies, and is currently having a reaction to something, probably to eggs or milk in breast milk. I've been following an exclusion diet for most of his life but have recently started trying to expand the range of food I eat.

Anyway, right now the skin on his face and chest is red raw and bleeding, he's scratching fiercely, and is very upset. This all flared up in the last few hours.

I have piriton syrup for my older daughter, bottle states "not recommended for children under 12 months". I'm wondering why not? He's a big lad, wears 18 month clothes, I'm not sure exactly what he weighs but I estimate prob 10 - 11 kilos, so his body mass is probably that of an average 1 year old. Is there some other reason I shouldn't give it to him?

I feel so bad not being able to do anything to help him.

CokeFan Tue 24-Aug-10 21:21:49

Check with NHS direct? We were prescribed piriton for dd's egg and milk allergy when she was under 1 (and she's only 25th centile).

Southwestwhippet Tue 24-Aug-10 21:24:16

I was perscribed Piriton for my DD at age 6 months when she had a mysterious rash that covered her whole body. Also perscribed antibioitics.

I was nervous as the bottle said for 1 year plus but GP said that that was just something put on the 'over the counter' bottle, infact children as young as 1month are given Piriton in hospital if required.

DD was on 2.5ml 4x per day which is double the recomended dose on the bottle for 1yr+. Personally if your DS is that itchy I would not hesitate to give him a dose based on what my GP told me.

BubsMaw Tue 24-Aug-10 21:27:19

Thanks for your posts CF and SWW...

off to discuss with DH, think we may give him some.

PixieOnaLeaf Tue 24-Aug-10 21:28:53

Message withdrawn

littleweed10 Wed 25-Aug-10 20:42:29

hi just to back the others up we were given his for DS when he was 4 months old. Its not licenced for under a certain age so if its prescribed its based on the doctors know-how and decision its appropiate to that case.

babybarrister Wed 25-Aug-10 21:48:41

we were also prescribed it at 3 months

nellymoo Wed 25-Aug-10 22:05:39

10 weeks here... When it came to weaning, we were advised 2.5ml per dose.

Hope your DS is feeling better.

FairyDairyLand Sun 29-Aug-10 19:02:24

We were prescirbed it at 3 months.. but having recently left his bottle on holiday and tried to buy some OTC (he is 22 months), the pharmacist said it has changed to "not under 3 years" and out right refused to sell it to me - even though the bottle she showed me said 12 months.

MumOfTwins25 Sun 27-Dec-15 15:37:08

Ive just bought some for my little one as she has servere eczema constantly itching she recently had a life threatening virus eczema herpeticum an in hospital for 4 days she was ok 1ml of pirition shes itching like mad again but worried to give her some

rogerdaniel20134 Tue 29-Mar-16 02:19:15

My baby was prem he is just nearly 11 months old now but corrected 7 he recently encounterd a cold but it then went into watery eyes and then he started to rub his eyes and now they become saw and puffed what maybe the best way forward because he was prem my dad has told me to go to the local farm and get honey that might possibility of relief but I have been reading that piraton syrup is a good suggest I as his dad suffer all year round with everything he's got like rubbing eyes sneezing and wheezing how do you tell if your baby has hayfever or allergies

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