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Adoption order complete fiasco

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Mrscollydog Thu 10-Nov-16 12:19:25


The placing LA I have now decided is a complete and utter shower of s**t. First court hearing, the judge through it out of court as the annexed A was incomplete and unsatisfactory. Adjourned till Monday. Grovelling manager of placing LA came out to apologise, reassure us it would all be fine.

Second AO hearing on Monday, had email today to say the papers have not been served correctly to BPs and its adjourned for another month. They say they can't find BM, we that's utter crap as if you type her name on Facebook she is there.

At the end of my tether now, poor LO is onto SW number 7 now, why can't they just do their job properly. As far as adoptions go ours is not even complicated.

Want to complain but sitting on my hands until we have the paperwork all done.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?
Thanks feel better for the rant.

flapjackfairy Thu 10-Nov-16 17:54:44

We have court hearing next week. I am braced for general disappointment and administrative chaos !!

flapjackfairy Thu 10-Nov-16 18:00:03

I sympathise by the way. You couldnt make it up. Hope all goes through next time. You are nearly there!

Mrscollydog Thu 10-Nov-16 19:27:06

Thanks, feeling very mummy bear about it. Want to shake somebody. Good luck flapjack. Fingers crossed for a smoother ride. smile

crispandcheesesanwichplease Thu 10-Nov-16 20:03:15

Hi mrscollydog

You have my sympathy. Our LA held up our application for 10 months by not providing us with the necessary paperwork required to submit our application. Not because there were any issues with us or our assessment, just because they were incompetent.

Keep smiling through gritted teeth, it will happen. Then afterwards you can make an official complaint about it if you feel the need to.

Will PM you

flapjackfairy Thu 10-Nov-16 20:04:43

If it is a smooth ride it will be the first time in this whole process! Will let you know!Mrscolly ,

CheeseAtFourpence Thu 10-Nov-16 20:47:29

We also had ours deferred for a month as DD's SW forgot to give papers to birth parents. It had been plain sailing until then (apart from said SW failing to turn up to most review meetings and a variety of "strangers" turning up to our house every month angry

We got there a month later!

flapjackfairy Thu 17-Nov-16 21:38:07

We got our ao granted today much to our surprise. Parents have contested everything to this point even to the extent of going to the high court to try and challenge the placement order so we were digging in for a long battle but they didnt turn up and didnt send any paperwork so it was granted immediately. It feels a bit surreal but we are delighted of course.
Mrs colly i hope you get yours through soon as well and you can relax at last. I feel like all the stress has drained out of me all of a sudden.

Mrscollydog Thu 17-Nov-16 21:55:28

That's amazing news flapjack. So pleased for you. Hope you have a massive glass of wine!
We are back in court at the end of the month. Had a massive rant to our IRO at the lac review we shouldn't have needed today. Feel better for it and reassured that BM has been tracked down and had her papers served. Can't wait to be totally official.

OlennasWimple Fri 18-Nov-16 03:50:47

Congrats flapjack

Hang in there MrsColly

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