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Activity Days - meeting

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poetboywonder Thu 12-May-16 21:34:17

We have been asked to attend an activity day that a child we have expressed an interest in will be attending. We are trying not to look into it too much but feel they wouldn't put us through meeting him and him us if they didn't at least think we were a match.

Has anyone had this experience? We are going to be open minded about all the children there as its a great opportunity but I'd be lying if I said this little one hasn't captured our hopes

Desmoulinsonatable Thu 12-May-16 22:10:18

Good luck
Poet. We attended an activity day with an open mind just over a year ago. Our 2 exquisite DDs are upstairs asleep. They were not the children we went to meet, but they got us. We've just applied for the AO

Kr1stina Fri 13-May-16 11:35:10

I know several prospective adopters who have done this and they all found it a very positive and helpful exerience.

Everyone says it opens up your mind to different types of children that you may have ruled out before .

tybalt22 Fri 13-May-16 17:58:11

It's tomorrow so I'll let you know how it goes we are a bit nervous, we know we aren't suppose to spend too long with one child. We will also get to meet SW which is nerv racking as they make the choices. I'm questioning a lot, do I expose my tattoos or wear a jumper, do I shave etc etc

TheGhostOfBarryFairbrother Sat 14-May-16 18:22:17

How did it go?

tybalt22 Sat 14-May-16 21:04:09

It was very emotionally challenging we felt as though we were competing for children's attention and the children were out numbered 4 to 1 with adults. They enjoyed it and it's great for them to subtly be exposed to potential matches. We felt a little weird as we felt we had an agenda.
We met the LO whose SW had invited us and have totally fallen for him however many others spent a lot of quality time with him. It was a bizarre day. I would recommend it if your with a social worker but as we didn't have ours we felt vulnerable and at times lost.

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